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General overview of Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a modern city with a rich history and culture that welcomes visitors with elation—especially luxurious vehicles! Dubai adds a luxurious twist to everything it does, with its ultramodern architecture, stunning rolling dunes and sleek and scenic roads, inviting you for your next adventure on the road. 

However long you're spending in Dubai, allow ShipLux to help your vehicle there in style. ShipLux is ready to help! 
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Method of shipping to Dubai from the USA

There are several ports on both the East and West coasts of the USA. ShipLux offers a range of methods to get your car transported safely, including a full hands-off, convenient door-to-port method, where your car is picked up in the USA at home, and you’ll next meet it in Dubai. Or, for a more budget option there is port-to-port, whereby the driver gets the car to the shipping port). In Dubai, the main destination ports are Port Rashid, and Jebel Ali, both operated by the Dubai Ports Authority.

ShipLux offers the following shipping methods:

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Roll-on roll-off (RoRo) shipping

With roll-on, roll-off shipping your vehicle will use its wheels, rolling on and off the ship, rather than be lifted by a crane. RoRo is the cheapest and a safe way to transport vehicles to Dubai.

Whether ShipLux collects your vehicle from your home or a port in the US, a professional member of our team will drive your vehicle on and off of the cargo ship. Please note:

  • The vehicle owner must pay the applicable US port and handling charges.

  • US customs declarations and documentation is necessary for entry into the UEA. 

  • With RoRo, we can ship your car, an industrial vehicle, a boat, or heavy machinery,  as size is not important. 

For protective measures, we recommend owners purchase Lloyd’s of London Cargo Insurance and additional coverage against potential damage or losses.

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Closed container shipping:

Not dissimilar to the enclosed trailer our team operates with land shipping, a closed container is a first-class voyage for your car, whereby the vehicle sits inside a fully closed container which will be safely and professionally loaded into the container.
RoRo Shipping

This keeps the vehicle completely covered and is highly recommended if you are shipping a unique, exotic, antique or high-value vehicle. 

  • The vehicle owner must pay the applicable US port and handling charges.

  • US customs declarations and documentation is necessary for entry into the UEA. 

  • ShipLux offers both 20 and 40-foot containers, depending on the size and height of your vehicle. 

  • You can opt for a private container or one shared with other cars. 

  • ShipLux cannot support customs or unload within Dubai, but we are well-connected with relevant agencies in Dubai to whom we can refer.

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Air-freight shipping

If you need your vehicle to arrive soon, ShipLux offers shipping via air freight as the quickest way to get it to Dubai. But, with this speedy service comes a hefty price tag! This method of shopping for cars is not only fast but extremely safe and secure. Generally, air freight is used to meet tight deadlines for events like races or shows.
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Vehicle and Registration Permissions in Dubai

To avoid any drama, ensure the following is true to your vehicle when shipping to Dubai: 

  1. Vehicles must be left-handed cars. 

  2. The vehicle’s windows cannot be tinted.   

  3. A vehicle’s model may only be more than 10 years old, with the approval of a local agent.

  4. Drivers can apply for temporary licenses for three or six months, with the submission of all appropriate fees and paperwork. 

  5. All vehicle owners must pay 5% customs duties to Dubai officials. 

  6. Anything stored in the vehicle when shipping must be in line with United Arab Emirates permissions. 

Why ship to Dubai with ShipLux?

  1. With our proprietary 24/365 communication system, you have unlimited access to a dedicated account representative on any continent, at any time, from any device for all your questions or concerns. 

  2. Honest and transparent pricing, with a no-hidden price guarantee. 

  3. Door-to-door shipping for secure, hassle-free and professional shipping. 

  4. Shipping paperwork is ultimately the vehicle owner’s responsibility, however, we help guarantee your documents are correctly prepared and submitted. 

  5. ShipLux’s Premium Service is incorporated with every shipping.

  6. Our team can ship a wide range of non-car items, including boats, RVs, and motorcycles, contact us today! 


What is the difference between port-to-port shipping and door-to-door delivery?

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Other fees when shipping a car to Dubai?

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Do I need Marine insurance?

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What paperwork needs to be submitted for a temporary license in Dubai?

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