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RV Transport Service

Looking for fifth-wheel transport services? ShipLux's RV Shippers offer Premium RV Transport to ensure your RV will ship with ease. Request an RV Shipping quote today!

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RV Transport Service

Hassle-free RV shipping, with door-to-door service!  

When your “home away from home” needs a ride, allow us to take care of the details.

So, there are lots of situations where you might find yourself needing to transport your RV. You may be planning a vacation and want your RV delivered to the destination, or you may be moving across the country, or have just bought a new treasure and need it sent home. You can rely on ShipLux and our team to complete the process with ease. 

Each RV has its own sparkling personality, just like our brilliant customers. So whatever the style of your RV— from luxury buses to rustic pop-ups—we’ve got the trailer and team to support all of your needs, without any stress of the shipping falling on you. 

ShipLux is THE transportation expert with extensive knowledge and experience to ship your personal ticket to The Great Outdoors, anywhere you land!  

Common Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels & RVs that ShipLux Transports

  • Class A Motorhomes and RV Transport

  •  Class B Motorhomes and RV Shipping

  •  Class C Motorhomes and RV Transport

  •  Towable RV Shipping

  •  Campers Transport Shipping

  •  Fifth Wheel Trailer Transport

  •  Travel Trailer Transport

  •  Expandable Trailer Shipping

  • Toy Hauler Transport

  • Trailer Transport

  • Cargo Trailer Transport

  • Sprinter van shipping

  • Food Truck/Food Trailer

Don’t see what you’d like to ship? Contact us to discover what is possible. 

Types Of RV Transport Services

  1. Flatbed RV Service:
    This type of service involves transporting your RV on a flatbed trailer. The RV is loaded onto the trailer and securely fastened for transportation, to avoid any movement throughout its journey.  Flatbed RV service is suitable for various types of RVs, including motorhomes and travel trailers. It ensures that your RV remains elevated and protected, secured from potential damage during transit.

  2. Tow-Away RV Service:
    Tow-away RV service will involve our team towing your RV using a specialized towing vehicle. In this case, the RV is attached to a towing truck or vehicle and swiftly brought to its destination. This service is commonly used for travel trailers and smaller RVs that can be easily towed. It provides a convenient, straightforward option for moving your RV without having to drive it yourself.

  3. Driver RV Transport:
    With driver RV transport, one of our skilled drivers will take your RV’s key and carefully and efficiently drive your RV to the final location. Our driver will handle all aspects of the journey, including navigating the roads and ensuring the safe delivery of your RV. This service is particularly useful if you don't have the time, expertise, or desire to drive your RV long distances.

All three of these RV transport services have their advantages and considerations, and filling out one of our comprehensive (and quick!) quotes can help formulate which one best fits your specific needs and requirements
RV transport service

How Much Does It Cost To Transport An RV?

We dont believe in a “one size fits all approach” at ShipLux. We take the effort and time to personalize everything—including the quote you receive. This means we cannot provide you with a price, as it will vary depending on your needs. 

Plus, alot goes into our quotes, to determine the cost we consider: 

  1. Distance:
    The distance to be covered is a significant factor in determining the cost. Longer distances generally result in higher transportation costs due to fuel expenses, driver wages, and time required for the journey.

  2. Size and weight:
    The size and weight of your RV will impact the cost of transportation. Larger and heavier RVs may require specialized equipment or vehicles, which can increase the overall cost.

  3. The transport method:
    Flatbed RV services and driver RV transport tend to be more expensive compared to tow-away services, as they often require specialized equipment or professional drivers.

  4. Timing and season:
    There are busy times in shipping and
    peak season periods often result in an increased price, due to the demand for transport services.

  5. Additional RV delivery service Needs:
    If you require additional services such as insurance coverage, storage, or
    expedited delivery, you may incur extra costs.

To get an accurate estimate, head to our quote page. We will carefully consider your specific requirements to provide you with a customized quote based on the details of your RV and desired transportation route. The price you get is the price you pay. There are zero hidden costs, we don't agree with that. 

International RV Transport Service

When it comes to shipping your RV across the seas, yes, we do it! 

And, there are several options available to you. The most commonly chosen method is RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off), where we whisk your RV onto a vessel via a ramp for the duration. It's important to note that for this method to work, your RV has to be in working condition.

A second option is to use a flat rack container. Similar to a flatbed truck, your RV is placed on a rack and stacked with others on the ship. Each rack can carry up to 88,000 pounds of weight! 

When shipping your RV internationally, the process of getting it to the port or warehouse involves land transportation. You have the choice to either drive the RV to the pickup dock yourself or, what we suggested: port-to-port delivery, where our team will do it all for you. All you have to do is collect it on the other side. 


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