We’ve all done the trucker’s salute! You know what we mean--signaling to a truck driver by pumping your arm up and down as if pulling a cord, the unofficial universal gesture that earns the exhilarating response of a semi-truck horn blast.

We’re going to toot our own horn a little. (Pun intended.)

At ShipLux, we take pride in providing the best service, with experienced staff at every stage (including contract drivers). When you need to transport a vehicle or equipment, you’ll research different transportation companies, and all of them will claim to be the best.

What makes us the best is also what makes us different, which lies in the quality of services we provide to our clients.

To make it easier, here are some things that make us unique.

There’s Nothing We Don’t Ship

If it can be shipped, we’ll ship it. We specialize in shipping a wide range of vehicles, including antique, classic, and high-end luxury cars, but we ship everything. Our team will arrange the logistics of the best way of transporting any vehicle or heavy equipment, from UTVs and motorcycles to RVs and everything in between, using our signature Premium and White Glove Services.

Here is what some of our customers have had to say:

  • “My golf cart was picked up within 24 hours of being available in Lakeland, FL, and then delivered the next day in Niceville, FL.; a distance of 425 miles. It arrived clean and in good shape at 8:00 AM.” – Bruce
  • “Sheldon Ames came to my rescue by providing transportation for my recently purchased 1939 Bantam station wagon from Florida to Billings, Montana. The Bantam has a narrow wheelbase and requires a solid floor trailer for transportation. Sheldon was able to provide a solid floor ‘enclosed’ trailer with White Glove service upon arrival in Billings. I would recommend ShipLux to everyone expecting White Glove transportation service.” – Bill

24/7 Omnichannel Customer Service

This review from one of our customers pretty much says it all: 

“I have worked with Zachary S. twice and both times he has been amazing and helpful in otherwise extremely stressful situations. I will continue to book with and recommend ShipLux due to his excellent customer service. I will always appreciate how easy he has made this process.”—Josie
Our dedication to providing any support your need starts with requesting a price quote. When you decide to book with us, our experienced shipping agents will answer questions and work with you to provide anything you need.

Our fully-online reservation platform and omnichannel communication system help keep you updated every step of the way from booking to drop-off, and every point in between.

Full-Service, Stress-Free Shipping From Door to Door, Anywhere

We can’t resist sharing a screenshot of this review:

shiplux review

We’ve had lots of great reviews, but the title of this one fills us up because we strive to provide high-quality service to serve the needs of all our customers.

This includes:

  • factors. However, you can trust us to provide you with an accurate breakdown of costs, and no hidden fees.
  • Timely Shipping: Our network of experienced drivers allows us the flexibility to get your vehicle on the road as soon as possible. 

    Linda, one of our customers explains, “[. . .]  My ShipLux agent couldn’t have been more helpful when I called yesterday. He had a driver for my car traveling from NV to FL within a few hours!” Since every situation is unique, our agents work with you to make shipping fit into your schedule.
  • Premium and White Glove Service: Every vehicle ships with our Premium Service and fine attention to detail to ensure that your vehicles arrive in the same condition it was in at pickup. When you select enclosed shipping over an open carrier, our White Glove Service doesn’t cost extra; it’s just how we do things. 

Request a Quote & Experience the ShipLux Difference

Toot, toot! We can’t help but be proud of what we do. That’s why we do it!

Before you ship, do your research and find the company that fits you best. Read reviews, contact customer service, get a transparent price quote. See for yourself who stands out.