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Boat Shipping

With transparent boat shipping rates & premium service always on board, ShipLux service for shipping a boat is as easy as a day on the water. Request a free boat shipping quote now!

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It’s always smooth sailing shipping your watercraft with ShipLux!

Boats are as remarkable as their owners. Carefully designed and purpose-built, ranging from dinghies to palatial luxury yachts. Whether you jump aboard to fish, water ski, or cruise, a day on the water is always a sensational day, as you ditch your worries behind on land.

When you ship your boat with ShipLux, everything will be smooth sailing. ShipLux has a dedicated team that will carefully manage every aspect of shipment from planning the route, securing the required permits, and selecting the premium options so your watercraft is delivered on time and hassle-free.


The ShipLux Boat Shipping Experience

When shipping your boat within the U.S., it will be shipped by land. To be shipped overland, the majority of boats will be shipped via a trailer, or parked upon a flatbed or even a multi-boat trailer for the delivery. 

  1. Boat Trailer
    Transporting a boat by the trailer is by far the most common way to ship a boat.ShipLux will carefully and meticulously tow the boat via a capable trailer.
    boat trailer

  2. By Water
    Shipping via water means transporting the boat to its destination by navigable waterways. This can be a cost-effective method, as we will provide a captain and crew.
    sipping boat by water

  3. Flatbed or Multi-Boat Trailer
    A flatbed trailer is a viable option for shipping a boat when the boat is too long, wide, or heavy to be trailered. With a cradle, the boat is secured into a flatbed via a crane. ShipLux is trained in lifting, bracing, and strapping the boat to the transport vehicle.  When shipping boats over land, we must consider sizing. If your boat is wider than 12’0, or higher then 13’6, it's not a problem but it will be considered an “oversized load”  and require specific permits, potentially pilot cars—depending on where it is being shipped as rules and regulations differ state to state.
    shipping boat Flatbed or multi-boat trailer

Boat Shipping Cost

It is challenging to provide an accurate price, as due to the variables, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we encourage you to complete one of our comprehensive quotes, which will ask for the necessary details to configure everything based on your specific needs.  

Two leading factors will impact the price of shipping your boat: the boat’s size and the distance it needs to traverse. If your boat needs to be shipped internationally, there are different methods of transporting the boat, as discussed below.

Types of Boat Shipping Services

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Boat on Trailer

This method is when shipping your boat within the U.S. and it is hauled or towed by trailer.
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A boat without a Trailer

When shipping abroad and internationally, we offer a wide range of comprehensive and safe shipping options.
A standard-sized boat is anything considered anything up to 40’ long, 7’10” high, and 7’8” wide 

Transporting boats that exceed standard dimensions typically requires the owner(s) to complete and provide additional permits and considerations. Boats that exceed 8’6″ in width certainly require an oversize load permit for ground transport. A boat that measures over 12′ wide, requires a certified escort, and there is a chance that interstate travel may be restricted.

  1. Roll-on, roll-off, “RO/RO” shipping
    RoRo shipping is a common way to transport a regular-sized boat, where your boat is loaded onto a ship or ferry at the port, using ramps and cargo bays! They are then securely attached to the ship using a cradle or trailer. RoRo Shipping is a great option and offers a more budget-friendly approach. The lead limitation is if the boat you are shipping is too big. Moreover, your boat is at higher risk of potential damage as it is not fully protected.

  2. Enclosed Container
    Enclosed are shipping works for all standard-sized boats.  ShipLux offers a wide range of different sizes to accommodate big boats, and while the boat is inside, the boat is completely covered and secured, preventing any issues as it's protected from all external elements.  Enclosed container shipping is a good option but does come at a cost.
    container ship

  3. Flat rack shipping
    If your boat is too large and considered oversized, it won't be eligible for either RoRo or enclosed shipping, so you may opt for flat rack shipping. With this shipping method, the flat rack only has walls or support posts on either end, which helps with loading your boat from the top or sides.
    flat rack shipping

  4. Captain Service/Boat Transport Ship
    When shipping your boat from coast to coast or across oceans, a boat transport ship is the favored option. The average size for transporting ships is approximately between 35 and 260 feet. While a more pricey option, using a boat transport ship reduces all wear and tear as the boat arrives safe and sound in pristine condition.
    sipping boat by water

How to measure your boat

Curious about where your boat fits in terms of size? It is straightforward to measure your boat, so you know which method you can use: 

Check your boat’s manufacturer specifications to determine what it says about size, length, and width. It should be correct, but it is not a bad idea to do your measurement, too. 

To manually measure the overall length, you will want to measure the boat starting from bow to stern,  and for the overall height start from the bottom of the keel to the highest non-removable part, including the boat’s beam, and the rub rails, 

We will need these measurements when arranging your shipment, particularly when we are transporting a boat internationally for you.

We also consider the location of pick up and delivery, the size of the boat, and the distance traveled when putting together the price. The further your boat must go, the more it will cost. 

Types of Boats we Ship

We support shipping for a wide variety of watercraft, including the following: 

  • Bass Boat Hauling

  • Bowrider Transport

  • Cabin Cruiser Shipping

  • Center Console Boat Transport

  • Fishing Boat Hauling

  • High-Performance Boat Transport High-Performance Boat Transport

  • Jet Boat Shipping

  • Motor Yacht Cruiser Hauling

  • Power Boat Transport

  • Sailboat Shipping

  • Yacht Shipping

  • Boat Trailer Shipping

  • Dinghy Boat Shipping

  • Catamaran Boat Shipping

  • Tugboat Shipping

  • Jet Skis Transport

  • Speed Boat Hauling

If you don't see the boat you have, contact us to discuss it! 


How to Prepare Your Boat for Shipping

There is action and steps you can take to adequately prepare your watercraft for a secure journey. When arranging your shipment, we encourage you to take extensive photographs of your boat, so you can compare and contrast when your boat is returned to you to ensure there is no damage. Further, you will want to remove all of your items from your boat, before thoroughly cleaning it—inside and out. Furthermore, you should: 

  • Get the boat inspected by a licensed marine surveyor and have any issues fixed.

  • Ensure all loose gear above and below the deck is firmly secured in place.

  • Safeguard any hatches by closing, securing, and sealing them.

  • Latch and tape the boat’s windows down from the outside.

  • Empty the gas fuel and water tanks.

  • Remove any valuable electronics.

  • Eliminate drain plugs from the boat's hull.

  • Disconnect the boat’s batteries.

  • Measure your boat.

If you are shipping your boat in the winter months, we recommend winterizing your watercraft via shrink wrapping, to prevent issues to the engine and interior.


What documents do I need to transport a boat abroad?

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Does season impact the price of shipment?

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How do I best prepare my boat for shipping?

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