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US - Canada Car Shipping

Whether you’re shipping your car from Canada to the US or from the US to Canada, ShipLux offers Premium Service for Car Shipping between Canada & USA. Request a quote today!

Across the border or across the pond, ShipLux handles the details from door to door.

Vehicle shipping to and from the US  and Canada with ShipLux is a walk in the park! 

Forget exorbitant car rentals and needing to get familiar with a new vehicle. Instead, keep a sense of home while expanding your horizons with the help of ShipLux shipping. Our fabulous team will whisk away your vehicle with our door-to-door, premium White Glove service, both to and from US and Canada—and back again! Our logistic experts are here to remove the stressful guesswork of equations,  so all you need to “worry” about is enjoying yourself.

The Customers We Proudly Help

There are multiple reasons to ship your vehicle between the US and Canada. Both countries are vast, offering a challenge if using public transit or taxis. Having your own vehicle allows you to relinquish control and do things your way! We proudly support many people for many reasons, such as:

  • Car Shipping for Snowbirds

  • College and University Car Shipping

  • Military Relocation 

  • Online Car Buying

  • Relocating

  • Adventure vacation, and travel— ship your toys: boats UTV, golf carts, Motorcycles, and RV

  • Dealerships

  • Auctions

  • Sports Teams

  • Financial Firms

  • Insurance Companies 

Vehicle Types that We Ship To and From U.S. and Canada

If it can be shipped—our logistic expert will make it happen! This means we are not limited to just shipping cars, but we ship the following, too:

The ShipLux Experience

Crossing a border is riddled with complicated details that can easily become confusing! Bypass this with ShipLux, and let us deal with the bureaucracy. 

The ShipLux experience includes premium service, stellar customer service, and a few options for safe shipping. 

You can opt between enclosed trailers and open carrier trailers for getting your car across the border. What's the difference? 

  1. Enclosed Trailers
    Considered a little more luxe, enclosed transportation means that your vehicle will be methodically loaded into a trailer that is completely covered. This means your precious vehicle will be protected from all elements that could negatively impact the vehicle during the duration of the trip ranging from bad weather, or hazardous debris.
    Regardless of the size of the vehicle you want to bring to and from the USA and Canada, we got you! We have a large range of enclosed trailers in varying sizes and shapes so the vehicle's height, weight, and size will be carefully considered.  Enclosed trailers are a more expensive option, so we recommend them to anyone who is shipping a vehicle with a high price tag or just a vehicle that is close to your heart. 

  2. Open carriers
    Open carriers do not have 360-degree protection, but it doesn’t mean you aren't getting our standard premium service. Your vehicle will be looked after with the same care and purpose.
    Open carriers are much better for the budget with the major difference when compared to enclosed shipping being the trailer the vehicle sits on is not closed off, but is open. Your vehicle will be loaded upon the trailer and secured using our safety equipment, ensuring it does not move throughout the journey. Upon reaching your final destination, you will likely put your vehicle through the car wash, and voila! Good as new!
    Shipping your vehicle and car to and from Canada from the USA (and vice versa!) has never been simpler! Whether this is a temporary or long-term visit, we can make it happen, without the stress.

Us to Canada

Shipping Cars to and from Canada from the USA

We ship vehicles to and from Canada for the following scenarios:
Shipping Cars to and from the USA from CanadaWe ship vehicles to and from the USA for the following scenarios:
Bringing vehicles purchased in the USA by Canadian buyers and shipping them to Canada.Bringing vehicles purchased in Canada by US buyers, and shipping them to the US.
Vehicular gifts, donations, or inheritances.Vehicular gifts, donations, or inheritances.
For a short-term vacation.For a short-term vacation.
For the vehicle to be refurbished, boosted, or restored. For the vehicle to be refurbished, boosted, or restored.
To be used in competitive events.To be used at trade shows or in competitive events.
Moving to Canada with a valid work visa. Moving to the US with a valid work visa. 
Moving to Canada with a valid student visa.Moving to the US with a valid student visa.
Moving to Canada with a valid immigration allowance or permanent residency.Moving to the US with a valid immigration allowance. 
Reuniting valid Canadian registered vehicles to their rightful Canadian resident owners.Reuniting valid US-registered vehicles returning to their rightful American owners. 
Snowbirds who require a vehicle for their travel to Florida, Arizona, and California for the winter.
Professional athletes moving to the US 
Please note that each of the above scenarios has varying rules and criteria,  based on immigration and each country's specifications. Each of these strict factors will impact vehicle compliance requirements, use restrictions, shipment timing, and more. Canadian Customs and US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of Transport, Environmental Protection Agency, and National Highway Safety Administration offer different formalities and requirements. 

To familiarize yourself, here are some important resources:
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Canada Border Services Agency

Details all of the Customs requirements for the importation of vehicles into Canada.
icon list

Registrar of Imported Vehicles

The Registrar of Imported Vehicles works on behalf of the Canadian transportation authority, Transport Canada. They provide a list of admissible and inadmissible vehicles and planning guides.
icon list

Transport Canada

Canada’s regulatory agency for vehicle safety
icon list

US Customs— Importing a Car

Details all of the customs requirements for the importation of vehicles into the United States.
icon list

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Outlines rules and regulations regarding the mechanical safety requirements in the US.
icon list

US EPA form 3250-1

Details federal air pollution regulations for the US.
icon list

Norman G. Jensen, Inc

Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder who provides international, US, and Canadian customs brokerage and freight forwarding services.
icon list

Registered Importer List

Updated list of all registered importers for the US, which is necessary when a car needs to be modified to meet either NHTSA or EPA standards.
icon list

HS-7 Form

Required when a vehicle does not comply with NHTSA rules and an exemption is possible.
icon list

3299 Form

Declaration for free entry of unaccompanied articles.


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