Heading to college is an exciting and busy time, especially during that first year. The months before are filled with getting supplies for dorm rooms, buying books, figuring out finances, and perhaps even looking for jobs. Both parents and students deal with a lot of emotions, learning to let go, grow up, and move forward.

For many students, there is also the question of whether or not to bring a car to college (if the campus allows for it). Of course, there are pros and cons to having your own car on campus. Here’s a snapshot of some of them.

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If this leads you to decide that a car is an absolute necessity, then there is one more important issue to consider.

Getting the Car to College

Will you drive it, or ship? Students probably think, “I’ll just drive it, of course.”

Parents might have some other ideas.

That trip to college is an important one for both parents and students. It often involves a fully loaded vehicle, packed to the top with people and belongings. The car might even have limited views, which makes driving a little more dangerous.

The car is also filled with emotions that range from fear to excitement. It’s a time for important conversations, reflection, and hopes for the future. It is, perhaps, the last time you will be together for a while.

All of this means that experience is necessary, and accidents are possible, especially for college drivers. The unfortunate truth is that, according to Brooks Law Group, 20% of the national total of car accidents that resulted in death or injury included college students.

There are several reasons for this including:

  • Moving to an unfamiliar location. Many times, the drive to the new college is going to be unknown, including areas where traffic flow is unfamiliar, or there is a lot of construction.
  • Less driving experience. Traditional college students only have a few years of driving under their belts. The excitement and emotions of this big move could lead to distracted driving and silly (or dangerous) mistakes.

If the drive is a long one, it could also be a lonely one for someone heading off to college all by themselves. It could lead to distracted driving, tired driving, or silly mistakes.

But there is a way to avoid all that which will take the pressure off of the college student, the family, and some of the journey: Hire the professionals to ship it for you.

What Does It Cost to Ship Your Car to College?

After having just laid out a lot of money on tuition and getting ready for the big move, you might be wondering why you would want to spend more on hiring a car shipping company.

Many professional car shipping companies offer discounts for college students. Costs will vary depending on the distance, size and make of the vehicle, seasonal ships, and speed of delivery—but with a little research you will be able to find a company that suits your budget and provides all of the support you need.

Any parent who has sent a child off to college will tell you that this is a worthy expense. The value of shipping equals the comfort of knowing that your child is safe and the joy of spending some quality time as you drop them off for this big adventure. 

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