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Roll out the red carpet! ShipLux’s Enclosed Auto shipping offers the ultimate protection for transporting your vehicle to where it needs to go, in luxurious style.

Are you passionate about your vehicle and want the best for it? As car enthusiasts, we totally get it!
Enclosed Auto ShippingOpen Vehicle Shipping 
Car will arrive at the final destination in mint condition, due to enclosed shipping’s 360°coverage. The car will still arrive in great condition, however, due to a lack of full coverage from the elements, may need a trip to the car wash.
A higher price tag is associated.with Lower cost and a great option when on a budget.
Less regular trips. Option to pay for expedited trips with a delivery date. More frequent trips and flexibility in delivery time. 
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What Type Of Enclosed Shipping Does ShipLux Offer?

Car lovers, listen up! We offer the following Enclosed Shipping:

  1. Classic Cars
    If you like to cruise in the stylish, unrivaled craftsmanship of a timeless classic car, enclosed shipping is for you. Our team has the appropriate equipment and tools to load your beauty carefully and cautiously. 

  2. Antique Cars 
    If you prefer the unmatched nostalgia of an antique car, allow us to ensure she is cradled carefully into the enclosed trailer, so when it arrives at the final spot, it will be in the same, pristine condition you left us with. 

  3. Exotic Cars
    Should you enjoy revving up the engine on your exotic, your one-of-a-kind vehicle deserves the care and cautious protection of Enclosed shipping. 

While we are proud to specialize in high-value cars, we offer enclosed shipping for all sorts of vehicles, including

360 Protection For Your Most Prized Possession

Opt for Enclosed transportation and your vehicle will be delicately loaded into a completely covered trailer, where it will be protected from virtually all elements that could negatively impact the vehicle on the duration of the trip, such as:

  • Poor weather such as hail, sleet, rain and snow

  • Dramatic temperature drops or raises

  • Thieves or robbers

  • Hazardous debris such as pebbles that could damage the vehicle

We have an impressive collection of enclosed trailers. Depending on the specific vehicle you are transporting, the vehicle's height, weight and size, will be considered so it is paired with the perfect trailer match. 

Depending on the location your vehicle is heading, your vehicle may travel with between 1-3 other cars, 6-7 or even 8-9 cars, depending on the liftgate or soft side trailer. Regardless of the other cars, each is provided extensive space and carefully treated. 
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How Much Does Enclosed Auto Shipping Cost?

To obtain accurate and precise pricing, we invite you to complete a simple and quick quote. This quote will ask you the questions we need to know to determine the total price, including your vehicle’s make, model, size, and weight. It will also query you about your destination and when you wish to arrive. 

Factors that go into the price tag:
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Delivery time frame:

Should have a flexible schedule, you can avoid expedited shipping, and lower the price.
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The vehicle size and weight:

Heavier vehicles such as pickup trucks and SUVs almost always cost more to ship than smaller cars.
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The condition of the vehicle:

ShipLux can work with vehicles in any condition, including inoperable ones. Please note, however, that inoperable vehicles require additional time and care to load, potentially increasing the cost.
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The time of year:

There are times in the year when car shipping is in hot demand. For example, the need for car shipping is typically highest in January and during the summer months, which results in steeper rates.
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Shipping distance:

Did you know ShipLux ships all over the world?! From Europe to Africa, to Canada and Hawaii, we do it all. Long-distance car shipments usually have a lower per-mile rate, but a higher overall car shipping rate.
Your quote will be perfectly personalized, with thoughtful consideration of your specific journey, vehicle type and any other requirements. 

The comprehensive quote allows you to obtain an honest price, as ShipLux is dedicated to 100% transparency pricing.  ShipLux will never include hidden fees in our quotes - what you pay, is what you pay.

Who Uses Our Enclosed Auto Shipping Service?

  • Owners of Vintage vehicles 

  • Owners of Luxury vehicles 

  • Owners of Classic Cars 

  • Owners of Priceless Antique Cars 

  • Owners of Motorcycles 

  • Vehicle dealerships 

  • Show Cars 

  • Formula Race Cars 

  • Snowbirds

  • College Students


How do I prepare my car for enclosed shipping?

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Do you take my keys away when you ship my vehicle?

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What does ‘door-to-door’ shipping entail?

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What are your pickup and delivery windows/ expedited and guaranteed dates?

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Do I have to be present for the pickup and drop off?

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How is the car secured in the trailer?

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