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Can I Ship a Golf Cart?  


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If you thought a golf cart was, well, just a golf cart—a cheap, low-tech, utilitarian means of getting around vast, verdant spaces—then you probably only play on courses with windmills and dinosaurs, you’re younger than 55, or both. 

Golf carts are good for a lot more than you think—certainly today, and quite possibly always.  


  • As Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller was playing golf during the Cuban Revolution, rebel soldiers converged on his cart, according to So the soldiers might recognize him and let him go, Weissmuller—eschewing that tired, old, smug refrain “Don’t you know who I am?”–did his Tarzan yell. It worked like a charm; the soldiers promptly escorted the actor to his hotel. It remains unclear, of course, whether the guerillas did so because they were (1) impressed Weissmuller was Tarzan, (2) starstruck over his being a Hollywood actor, (3) wowed by the man’s incredible set of lungs, or (4) simply tired of his infernal yelling and looking to be rid of him. 
  • After his wife Mia Farrow lost $20,000 at the Sands, Frank Sinatra bought $50,000 in chips and tried to recoup the lost money. He failed and was denied credit. So he drove a golf cart into a coffee shop and fought with the casino manager. Perhaps needless to say, Sinatra never again performed at the Sands. Did he get Mia’s bucks back? Your guess is as good as ours. But we’re guessing they didn’t have to eat Raman noodles for lack of grocery money. 
  • In 2009, the Indian military spent $250,000 to buy “silent reconnaissance vehicles.” Guess what these 22 new vehicles were. That’s right—golf carts. 
  • At the 100,000-resident Villages retirement subdivision in Florida, there are 50,000 golf carts.  
  • Today’s golf carts cost as much as $25,000, often come with knockout sound systems, and sometimes are as big as cars—and made to look like them.   


While that may not be your father’s Oldsmobile, that golf cart—cherry-red and designed and outfitted like a Mustang and blasting great tunes—is downright cool. 

Why ship a golf cart? 

The once-stodgy image of the golf cart is being remade. According to, today’s golf cart is “very trendy as a recreational vehicle.” They’re more environmentally friendly than cars. And, in some states, they can be driven by children as young as 13. 

And, oh, the way some of them are built. The limited-edition Royal Limo, a high-end model distributed by, is styled like a Rolls-Royce, offers the option of leather seats and an Alpine radio/CD player, and can seat up to six passengers. Better start saving, though; you’ll pay $25,449 dollars for a new one.  

As more people buy golf carts—and more are; the golf cart market exceeded USD 1.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow at more than 4.5% between 2021 and 2027, according to–more people move them, especially those who invest in customizing their carts with just the right seats, canopy, and storage.  

And as more people move golf carts, more need a means of transporting them. You can’t, after all, drive your golf cart on I-95 if you relocate from Miami to North Carolina. Even the fastest ones are capable of doing more than 20 mph, tops. Which is, what, about one-tenth of the average speed on I-95? 

Considerations of shipping a golf cart 

Having a golf cart shipped is more affordable and logistically practical than shipping a vehicle because golf carts are typically lighter and smaller than a car and can be transported safely in smaller trailers and cargo spaces.  

The cost of golf-cart shipping depends entirely on your situation and the method of transport you choose. Golf carts can be shipped in an open or enclosed trailer. For sturdy, outdoor golf carts designed to handle some weather, open transport is the economical choice and perfect for local and medium-distance golf-cart transportation. 

With enclosed shipping, your golf cart is secured inside a storage trailer to protect it from the elements during the drive. Many clients who have just bought a new golf cart choose enclosed transport so the golf cart arrives gleaming and perfect. 

ShipLux Transports Vehicles with Ease 

Whether you’re looking to ship a golf cart locally or internationally, ShipLux is your ideal concierge vehicle-transportation partner. We can provide you with open or enclosed transport for your golf cart and concierge transport management so you can rest assured that your favorite golf cart will be shepherded to your destination with attention and care. 

Whether you are having a newly purchased golf cart transported to your home or are moving a favorite golf cart to your latest favorite green, ShipLux will ensure that you have your vehicle ready, on-time, and in beautiful condition, no matter the trip. To schedule the transportation of your golf cart or explore your options for local to international vehicle shipping, contact us today. We look forward to providing you with white-glove vehicle-transportation services. 

At Shiplux, we take seriously the responsibility of transporting your golf cart. To make things as simple as possible, we’ve broken down the golf-cart shipping process into a few simple steps. We’ll sum them up by giving you the first and last: 

  1. Decide who you gonna call. (Hint: not Ghostbusters.) 
  1. Make time for practicing your putting. 


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