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ShipLux: Motorcycle Shipping You Can Trust

General introduction

As fellow moto enthusiasts, we appreciate that at the core of being a motorcycle rider, is to be a free spirit: craving the feeling of being on the open road and discovering new terrains all over the world. To achieve this, you need a steady and loyal shipping company that takes care of your bike, so all you need is to strap on your helmet and hit the road. 

Whether you’ve just purchased new wheels, or are embarking on a biking adventure, ShipLux offers secure, safe and reliable motorcycle shipping to meet your needs. 

enclosed motocycle shipphing

Do One Thing And Do It Well: Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping

Going the extra mile is what we do best at ShipLux. 

While other motorcycle shipping companies offer open and enclosed shipping, ShipLux’s commitment to excellence means we strictly operate with an enclosed-only policy. Motorcycles simply have too many critical elements to their functionality that are exposed, so we’d rather not take the risk of using an open trailer. 

The benefits of shipping a motorcycle enclosed include:

  1. Increased security and safety, ensuring your baby will arrive at its final destination unharmed, and without scratches.

  2. Our enclosed trailers offer 360 degrees of protection completely covering it from elements, theft and other issues. 

  3. Your bikes get into the trailer via a ramp, led and guided by professionals. 

  4. Your bike will be firmly strapped in, using a minimum of four straps, without any hooks touching the bike itself. 

  5. Weather typically can be a barrier in shipping, but with enclosed shipping, you can feel at ease knowing your motorcycle is completely 100% covered. 


How To Prepare Your Bike for Shipping

  • Clean and wash your bike thoroughly 

  • Take 360, extensive photographs of the bike 

  • Do a safety check and read your owner manual for any specific tips for best practice tips for your bike while in transit 

  • Ensure the bike’s fluids battery, and tire pressure is at the recommended levels  

  • Report any damage or issues with the bike in advance 

Motorcycle Pick-up and Delivery

Once you schedule your estimated or guaranteed pick-up date and prepare your motorcycle for shipping, one of our trusted members will assign a carrier to come and pick up your bike. Remember, we will get as close to your door as safely and legally possible. Then, it's off! Ready to reunite with you on the other end. 


What does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

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Where Do We Ship To?

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How is the motorcycle loaded into the trailer?

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How soon can you pick up my motorcycle?

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Is there insurance during transport?

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