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How Do I Transport My UTV?


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Relocating can cost a lot, and in a variety of ways.  

Movers charge you anywhere from $500 to $2,000, depending on whether you’re moving from Orchard Park to Lockport or New York to Los Angeles.  

A do-it-yourself approach might not save as much money as you think, however. You have to rent your own truck. And buy packing and cleaning supplies. And spring for pizza for your friends and relatives who pitch in to help. And any number of other things. 

Easy to forget in this overwhelming crush of to-dos and expenses is that gleaming set of wheels sitting in the driveway. How will you move your car to the new place? Strange though it may seem, driving your car to your new home isn’t necessarily a good idea, especially if you’re moving across the country. A trek that long can exhaust both driver and car. Shaving hundreds or thousands of miles off the life of your vehicle is a very real if deferred cost. 

Not surprisingly, a major consideration in whether to drive or ship a car to a new home is cost. After shelling out all that money for everything else, what would you have to pay to transport your car? 

That depends. Is there an ocean in the way? Snow on the ground? More than one comma in the car’s monetary value? 

Size, condition, gas prices 

A complex stew of factors determines the cost of transporting a car, including: 

  • Is it a Ferrari or a Ford? The more expensive the car, the more costly the shipping. 
  • Where is it going and at what time of year? Distance and the busy-ness of the season are factors. 
  • Is its weight closer to that of a Honda Civic or a GMC Yukon? Heavier vehicles cost more to ship. 
  • Do you mind if it’s shipped on an open truck instead of a closed trailer? The former is cheaper. 
  • How flexible is your pick-up and delivery schedule? The more flexible, the lower your cost. 

Size of the car 

Bigger cars take up more room in the truck in which they’re transported. They’re heavier, too, limiting the transport carrier’s overall capacity.  

Method of transport 

Whether the truck in which you choose to transport your car is an open carrier or closed trailer affects the shipping cost. The former is popular because it’s less expensive, but it does not protect a car from the elements. Though you pay more for the protection afforded by an enclosed carrier, you may prefer that option if you’re shipping an expensive car. 

Condition of the vehicle 

Shipping a car costs less if it runs. If it isn’t in good condition, you pay more. Inform the shipper of any mechanical issues your car may have.  

Time of year 

The vehicle-shipping industry is very busy in summer, especially June and July, because children are not in school and many families choose this time of year to move. As a result, shipping costs tend to be higher in summer

Winter weather and the holiday seasons also increase car-shipping costs. You may pay an extra $100 to $500 then. 

State of the economy 

Gas prices, too, affect vehicle-shipping costs. The higher they go, the more you pay to ship your vehicle.  

Distance and location 

Distance is a major determining factor in vehicle-shipping costs. The longer the distance, the more you pay in fuel and mileage costs. Distance also affects transport time. And shipping along unpopular transport routes is more expensive and takes more time. The driver may have a hard time maneuvering the truck to your location.  

Personal preferences 

If you are willing to wait longer for delivery of your car, you may pay less. Most shipping companies offer three options: expedited, the most expensive; standard; and economy. If you choose the economy option, book shipping services several weeks in advance to give the company enough time to prepare. 

Choose Shiplux 

When you need a vehicle transported, consider Shiplux. We offer a wide range of services, including custom services that can meet any request you may have. Contact Shiplux today to ship your car with premium service and handling.  


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