We love cars! We love cars of all shapes and sizes. But we aren’t going to lie, we hold a special place in our hearts for luxury automobiles, and we think you probably do, too.

We had the honor recently to ship this 1967 Toyota 2000GT, a truly classic Japanese automobile—one of 62 original left-hand drive vehicles made for the U.S. market. This beauty was kept for 30 years by its original owner, the American racer Otto Linton.

And we got to ship it!

 1967 Toyota 2000GT exterior view

White Glove Service

How did we earn this honor?

It’s simple really—we earned it because we choose to offer white-gloved car service on any vehicle that we ship in one of our enclosed shipping transports. Honestly, we pride ourselves in premium services and handling for every vehicle, every shipment. However, if you’re shipping a high-end luxury or antique vehicle, you want a company that makes White Glove Service a regular practice, not just a bonus if you pay more.

Why is this important?

Vintage, classic, and antique vehicles require special handling when shipping if you want them to maintain their pristine condition. Simply loading them onto an open shipping transport risks damaging the unique features that make them special. We would never do that.

The things that make them unique, make shipping more complicated. If you need to ship one of these vehicles, then you want to choose a company that:

  • Provides enclosed transport trailers that protect your vehicle from road debris and the weather, so your car arrives clean and undamaged at the end of its journey.
  • Offers a variety of shipping options and allows for placement requests within the trailer.
  • Provides secure, soft, wheel straps.
  • Provides door-to-door pickup and delivery.
  • Will ship on your schedule.
  • Accommodates for your special requests and considerations when handling your luxury vehicle.

That is all part of what we call White Glove Service. But there’s more . . .

 1967 Toyota 2000GT closeup handle

Choosing the Right Company

When deciding on the transportation company to handle your valuable vehicle shipment, consider the following 2 factors:

1. Experience and Reputation
If you’re a parent, you probably would never leave your children with someone who has little to no experience taking care of young people. In any business deal, you’re going to prefer to work with someone who has a good reputation. The same holds true when you select a shipping company to move your classic vehicle, with the expectations of them treating your car like their own.

So how do you choose a shipping company? Research. Look for companies that:

  • Have experienced, professional drivers who know how to transport these high-end vehicles.
  • Have consistently positive customer reviews. This does not mean they all need to be five-star reviews. Look for comments that rank the company high even when dealing with unexpected situations.
  • Offer White Glove Service as simply the way they do things.

2. Price Transparency
As you research shipping companies, you will find some companies that offer you a really low initial quote. Your instinct may be to go with them. However, once they start adding on extra costs for the special treatment your luxury vehicle needs, you may discover that the price has risen quite a lot. This is an unfortunate practice that exists in some less reputable companies.

If you own one of these unique vehicles, you already know that they can be expensive to maintain. The last thing you need is a shipping company that doesn’t respect your car or your needs. Look for a company that listens to your concerns, takes in all your special requests, asks the right questions, and then provides you with 100% transparency when providing you a quote—so you know exactly what you'll be paying before you commit.

That is true White Glove Service.

1967 Toyota 2000GT interior

Contact ShipLux Today!

It was truly an honor for us to be able to ship the 1967 Toyota 2000 GT, but that’s not the only high-end vehicle we’ve shipped. We celebrate every time we get an opportunity to ship a unique vehicle, and we would be thrilled to help you move yours.

Reach out today for a price quote. Talk to us about your questions and concerns. Tell us what you need, and allow us to treat you and your car as part of our family. Experience our around-the-clock omni-channel customer service, and see why when a million-dollar car was being shipped, ShipLux was the one to do it.