For your first time shipping a vehicle, requesting a quote might seem like an extra step. But there are several reasons why the best vehicle transportation companies won’t list average prices, and why it’s always better to request a quote - even if you’re just browsing.

The main reason is that there is no such thing as “average” when it comes to shipping your vehicle! No two journeys are the same, so the price depends entirely upon your specific shipping scenario - which we’ll describe for you in more detail below. If a company is quoting pricing figures before knowing your information, you’re seeing the cheapest possible scenarios, and you can expect your final total to be higher.

In your search for the best vehicle transportation company, it’s important to look for one who provides transparent, accurate pricing, who will find out all of the necessary details ahead of time so they can factor the cost accordingly. This will happen during the price quote process, and what the company is figuring out is your shipping scenario.

What’s Your Shipping Scenario?

So what exactly is a shipping scenario? Your shipping scenario is simply an overview of the details of your vehicle’s transportation journey. Here, we’ll break down the main categories you’ll want to include when discussing your shipping details with a prospective transportation company, and how different scenario factors affect overall pricing

01. Trailer Type and Handling

Open vs Enclosed Shipping: While there are many different styles of trailers, the two main types are Open and Enclosed. Open trailers are exposed to the elements, like rain, temperature fluctuations, and road debris throughout the trip. Enclosed trailers completely protect their contents, and for that reason, shipping Enclosed will cost more.

If you’re planning to ship an antique, classic, or luxury vehicle, take note: some vehicle transportation companies charge extra for White Glove Treatment, that extra attention and meticulous handling that allows a vehicle to arrive in the same condition it left (essential for collectible cars like these!) Then there’s ShipLux, who guarantees Premium service with every vehicle shipment - for any Enclosed vehicle transport, White Glove Treatment is included.

Shared vs Solo: Since many trailer styles can fit multiple vehicles at once, you have the choice of shared vs solo shipping. Shared will be more economical since you will have more people to divide the overall transportation costs with (more vehicles = cheaper for each), though it may affect your pick-up and delivery dates. With Solo shipping, your vehicle won’t need to be moved until delivery, and you’ll have more control over scheduling, making it the more premium option

02. Distance

Pick-up to Delivery: Of course, distance is a factor in the cost of vehicle shipping - longer distance means a higher fuel cost. A centrally located terminal drop-off will likely cost less than a remote mountain hideaway as the former is probably en route; however, another factor is whether or not you’re crossing state lines or country borders, as there may be additional fees or time spent for inspections

03. Delivery Speed

Flexible Dates vs Expedited Shipping: As with shipping anything, being flexible with your pick-up and delivery dates increases your chances of saving money. An expedited shipping request can be honored, you’ll just pay a bit extra for the privilege.

04. Vehicle Type & Condition

Size / Weight / Dimensions: Size does matter - for vehicle transportation, anyway. At a certain point, a vehicle can be too long or wide or heavy to fit inside one type of trailer and will necessitate another - or the dimensions may make it impossible to fit other vehicles on the trailer with it. Like checking oversized luggage at the airport, it can be done! It’ll just cost extra to make up for loss of space elsewhere, and the extra effort required to move it.

Another point to consider is: Can it be safely taken up a ramp? Any vehicle that can’t simply be driven up the ramp will require special equipment to load and unload it into and out of the trailer. This includes vehicles that don’t run, as well as those with a body too low to the ground to drive up an incline without damaging something. (Can we take a quick sidebar to drool over these incredible lowriders?)

We’ve made you this simple chart to show vehicle shipping price factors side by side:

Cost Of Vehicle Transportation

Get An Accurate Price Quote With ShipLux

Since no two shipping scenarios are the same, it doesn’t make sense for a vehicle transportation company to list price estimates or averages. By providing a description of your vehicle shipping scenario, you’re going to get the most accurate price quote, and you won’t be surprised later on with a drastically higher total.

The best part about requesting a quote? It sets up a relationship, and you’ll find out firsthand if they’re good communicators. You can think of the quote request experience as a way to “interview” the prospective shipping company. How does it feel to talk about pricing? What’s their response time? Do you feel like you’re being treated like a person, or like a number? Are they easy to communicate with? Chances are, however this conversation makes you feel will be a good indicator for how they’ll make you feel during the shipping process.

ShipLux was founded on the belief that vehicle shipping should be stress-free. That’s why, in addition to a fully customized transport service, we offer 24/7 customer service through your favorite communication channel, Premium Handling on all shipments, and a commitment to 100% transparent and accurate pricing.