Unique vehicles rule! If you own one, then you probably love cars as much as we do. We understand that you’re not going to trust just any shipping company to move your antique, classic, or luxury car long distances - or any distance, for that matter.

You want a company that provides White Glove, enclosed-only shipping services. Actually, you want a company that specializes in transporting high-end vehicles.

At ShipLux, we don’t just specialize in getting your car from point A to B in the safest way possible (that’s just the foundation of what we do.) We celebrate the cars that we move. We often share images of our favorite vehicles along with trivia contests about classic cars on Instagram—follow us if you love cars as much as we do!

Here’s a look at some of our favorites over the years:

Did Somebody Say “Racecar”?
McLaren Senna being shipped

We are so proud to be trusted with cars like this amazing McLaren Senna, and we work hard to live up to that trust.

According to McLaren, the Senna was designed to create the “purest connection between car and driver.” They write:

That is what has driven us to build a track car that is unashamedly without compromise. One that is legalised for road use, but not sanitised to suit it. Nothing else matters but to deliver the most intense driving experience around a circuit.

With a car like that, built aerodynamically for speed, you want to work with a carrier who knows how to properly load a vehicle with low ground clearance, and treat the gorgeous finishes with the utmost care.

That’s what we’re here for!

To ensure the safety of these unique vehicles, we make sure to use the right equipment, like liftgates, to load vehicles with lower clearance, shown in action loading a Dodge Viper in this shot:

Dodge Viper being shipped

Whatever your car needs, we provide.

Shipping Enclosed? White Glove Treatment Always Included

Porsche being shipped

We offer White Glove service with all the vehicles we transport inenclosed carriers - the safest ride for your luxury vehicle - like the variety ofPorsches we’ve had the privilege of shipping.

Porsche racing trailer

Think your vehicle is too big to ship? Think again. We ship uniquely shaped and oversized vehicles all the time, like this Porsche racing trailer. Our expert carriers treated this behemoth beauty with all the respect it deserved.

We pride ourselves in carrying even the heaviest loads, safely and securely.

Classic Cars of All Shapes and Sizes

Now let’s talk classic cars. We love shipping these vehicles, always ensuring their safe transport.

vintage Woodie being shipped

For example, look at this vintage Woodie that we shipped to its new home. As always, we protected this classic beauty from weather, road debris, and the chance of theft in one of our enclosed carriers.

1932 Bugatti being shipped

We did the same for this beauty: a 1932 Bugatti (go ahead and wipe that drool. We’ll wait.) We take care of everything so that our vehicles leave and arrive in the same, pristine, sparkling condition. That’s White Glove Treatment the ShipLux way.

Rat Rod being shipped

ThisRat Rod was one of our all-time favorites (though, to be fair, we kinda thought that about all of them,) because, as we said in our Instagram post, “Life is too short to drive boring cars.” What’s the difference between a hot rod and a rat rod? According to hotrod.com, there’s a long debate about that, but the author Tim Burnsau writes:

“Rat rods tend to share a lot of the vintage details of traditional rods, such as solid front axles, chopped tops, and other retro components. Traditional rods are built (generally) to honor the style of a past era. Rat rods are the funhouse mirror version, built (generally) to take it to the extreme.”

Really, what you call it doesn’t matter to us. We just appreciate the opportunity to help you move luxury vehicles like this one.

Chevy Pickup truck in blue

While size, shape, and weight can affect pricing when it comes to shipping cars, you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges when moving vehicles like thisChevy Pickup, because we offer price transparency—honest pricing, with no hidden fees, guaranteed.

Shipping A Luxury Vehicle? Hire the Pros at ShipLux

The key to finding the best company to move your luxury, antique, or classic vehicle lies in doing your research. You want a company that loves your car as much as you do. You want a company that offers enclosed shipping, White Glove Service (at no additional cost), price transparency, and open communication (to us, that means 24/7 contact on the platform of your choice. Really.) You want a company that will find the best solutions for the needs of your car.

Sounds like you want ShipLux!

As always, do your homework. Compare and contrast companies before making any decision, and listen to your gut. Reach out for a price quote. Ask questions, and talk with a consultant. We’re here to help make your decision easy, answer all your questions, and find the best solutions for transporting your unique, classic, or exotic luxury vehicle.