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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Shipping? | Shiplux


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Payment FAQS

What is included in the cost of service?

We include a lot in the final quote, which is comprehensive and always personalized to your unique situation. We are dedicated to honest and transparent pricing, and the final price includes the cost of transportation from door to door. Please note that some services, such as international shipping can include additional import or export taxes and fees. Every single shipment has insurance and a dedicated account representative as standard. Our proprietary communication system guarantees you are in the loop around the clock, with any relevant updates or to answer your questions promptly. 

What are the steps involved when paying? 

Upon confirming your booking, we require a deposit to confirm your spot. This deposit is not the full amount owed, that charge happens when the Network Carrier pickup is scheduled. If there is a remaining balance that remains on delivery day, this needs to be paid in full by certified check, cashier’s check, or cash. 

What does“Payment On Delivery” mean? 

“Payment on Delivery,” “Cash on Delivery,” or “Collect on Delivery” (POD/COD) refers to a payment arrangement where a good or service is ordered ahead of time, with payment taken only at the time of product or service receipt. After payment of a deposit, ShipLux may allow payment on delivery, whereby the customer pays the remaining balance upon delivery of the vehicle after the transport is received.

What is the cost for enclosed shipping? 

Every shipment we do is personalized to your unique needs. When you complete your quote with us, we consider all details including the vehicle specifications, required schedule, geographic distance, and other details. The average price of enclosed shipping for a car is approximately $1 per mile or $1500 cross-country. 

 Are there additional charges when I receive my vehicle overseas?

There are destination fees associated when shipping your vehicle internationally. This will vary depending on the country, but there will almost always be a fee. It may be for taxes or import duties. 

Car Shipping FAQs

How far in advance should I schedule my vehicle shipment?

Vehicle shipping has seasons when it is busy and when it lulls.  Regardless of when you plan your shipping, we highly recommend that you begin planning your vehicle shipment as soon as possible, so we are able to ensure delivery within your exact timeframe.

When will my car be picked up?

We strive to collect your vehicle within 12-72 hours of placing your order. We do offer expedited services if required. 

What types of vehicles are you able to transport?

We ship it all! 

  • Boats
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Golf Cars
  • Trucks 
  • Cars
  • Trailers
  • UTVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Commercial Buses 
  • Construction Equipment 
  • Tractors
  • Freight Container 

How long will it take for my car to be delivered?

We abide by the rules and regulations set out by The Department of Transportation which regulates overland shipping. As such, commercial drivers can safely average 500 miles per day. If shipping cross-country, in open container shipping, it will take approximately 7-10 days. Enclosed shipping will normally be quicker, taking approximately 5-7 days, as the delivery route includes fewer cars.

What is enclosed vehicle transport?

With enclosed transportation, your vehicle will be delicately and smoothly loaded into a hard-side, fully enclosed trailer, where it will be protected from virtually all elements that could impact the vehicle on the duration of the trip, such as bad weather including hail, sleet, rain and snow, temperature changes, any sneaky opportunistic thieves, or other dangerous debris that could damage the car. 

What do I do to prepare my vehicle for shipment? 

There are several easy steps to prepare your vehicle for transport and to expedite the mandatory pre- and post-vehicle shipping inspection. We will highlight all of the steps when you make your booking, but the vehicle should be cleaned and looked over by a mechanic. 

What safety and security measures are taken to secure my vehicle for transport?

When we receive your quote with the details of your vehicle, we are able to plan and consider what your unique vehicle requires for safety and security purposes. For example, when we work with motorcycles, the vehicle is secured with air ride suspension to avoid harmful bouncing while firmly strapped in using a minimum of four straps, without any hooks touching the vehicle. All vehicle transport is unique, particularly when the vehicle is a luxury vehicle, classic car, antique auto, or one-of-a-kind custom. The transportation experts at ShipLux work hard to ensure that your vehicle is perfectly secure throughout the entire journey. 

My vehicle does not run – are you still able to transport it?

Absolutely. We can ship any vehicle that does not run. However, we must be aware of all the issues your car faces such as if it rolls, if the brake doesn’t work, etc, so we can plan the loading and security accordingly. 

Can I leave my personal goods and possessions in my vehicle while it is being shipped? 

The short answer is no. If your vehicle is shipping in the U.S., you can leave some items at your own personal risk and you will accept the payment responsibility as you will pay for the weight. However, when shipping internationally or overseas, you must empty the vehicle of all personal goods. Items such as tire jacks and spare tires are permitted to remain in the vehicle. 

What happens if my car gets damaged while in the shipment?

We take every precaution to ensure that your vehicle stays safe throughout the transport process. In rare occasions, damage can occur, particularly if the vehicle is improperly prepared for transport. To prevent this, ShipLux and its chosen carriers always provide detailed instructions regarding what steps should be taken to best prepare a vehicle for transport to minimize these risks. In the unlikely event your vehicle is damaged during transport, every carrier is fully licensed and insured. ShipLux specializes in transporting high-end vehicles, including classics and antiques so you can be confident in our expertise!

Do I have to be present when you pick up and/or deliver my vehicle?

We advise that someone be present for your pickup and delivery. However, if you are unable to be present, no problem— we can make arrangements for approved pickup people for security purposes. 

About ShipLux FAQs 

How is ShipLux different from other vehicle transport companies?

ShipLux provides a hassle-free guarantee that is supported and backed through every detail. Any tow truck company can claim auto transport services, but for us, Premium Service isn’t an extra, it’s the rule. We transport any vehicle anywhere. We promise honest, transparent pricing and open communication. We don’t just make promises, we deliver excellence. 

Will the driver speak English?

Language is never a barrier when you work with ShipLux. Our proprietary communication system allows you to contact your dedicated account representative whenever and however is easiest for you, regardless of where the vehicle is being shipped. 

Is ShipLux insured?

ShipLux is fully licensed and bonded. All the carriers and transport professionals involved with your vehicle transport carry a liability and cargo policy to cover your vehicle during shipping.

How involved are you with my shipping? 

You can rest assured that your car will be handled, secured, and transported safely and securely from point A to B and everywhere in between by professional drivers who are highly experienced. ShipLux fosters strong relationships with the carriers that we contract. We know our reputation rides on your vehicle transport, and we work hard to guarantee your complete satisfaction. At ShipLux, White Glove Treatment isn’t an option, it’s our business model!

Is ShipLux a broker?

Yes, ShipLux, LLC., is a fully licensed and bonded Broker Management Company registered with the USDOT with Broker MC #92282 and USDOT #3129383. We have forged strong professional relationships with all of our carriers, helping us get you the very best deal. We leverage our carrier connections to arrange your ideal transport, regardless of the circumstances. The logistics professionals at ShipLux utilize a vast network of trusted expert carriers, all backed by our hassle-free guarantee and accessible at any time through your dedicated account representative.

Is ShipLux a reputable company?

Yes, but you don’t have to take our word for it! The US Department of Transportation requires all auto transport companies operating in the US to have a valid Motor Carrier Number, verifiable through the DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. ShipLux carries a high rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also have a five-star customer rating on

How long has ShipLux been in business?

ShipLux has been operating since 2018.

Do you guarantee pickup and/or delivery dates and times?

We will do our best to guarantee pick-up or delivery dates and times, especially if you opt for expedited service. However, there are many factors that can impact delivery timing including bad weather or construction. Regardless, we will contact you with every update possible for any changes on delivery or pickup. 

I am relocating internationally. Can you help me gather the appropriate paperwork?While gathering the appropriate paperwork ultimately is the client’s responsibility, we can offer advice and answer questions about this.


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