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When you ship your UTV with ShipLux, personalized Premium Service is the rule, even when you’re shipping an exception.

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What Is A UTV?

These powerful and fun vehicles offer a new level of adventure. 

UTVs, or utility terrain vehicles, also known as side-by-side vehicles, are most commonly used for labor-related duties such as transporting heavy equipment, tidying up, hauling livestock, and towing heavy items. But that doesnt mean that's all they’re for! 

You can certainly put these UTVs to use for all sorts of fun after you clock out for the work day, such as:

  1. Racing

  2. Mud riding

  3. Hunting 

  4. Group activity, due to the seats 

  5. Trail riding

  6. Winter Riding

utv cars

UTVs are commonly mistaken for ATVs  (all-terrain vehicles) but there are a number of varying differences. Here they are
    UTVs   ATVs
Multiple seating capacity, typically four seats. Single-seating capacity. 
Four-wheel vehicle.Four-wheel vehicle. 
Larger in size, with a thicker frame. Smaller and lighter with a narrow frame. 
Steering is driven like a car, with a steering wheel and foot pedals to accelerate and decelerate.Steering is done using the handlebars to steer and a throttle to accelerate and decelerate.

How Long Do UTVs Last For?

If you treat your UTV like a baby and with the utmost respect, your UTV or side-by-side’s 

average lifespan will range.

For example, 5,000 miles is considered a healthy mileage for UTV,  where it should be maintained and serviced sufficiently. There is no “number” of miles when your UTV will stop functioning, and they can have a great, long life if the owner truly cares. This makes them excellent candidates for being shipped, as you can take the fun and functionality of UTVs wherever you go. 
Did you know that ShipLux ships all over the world, including

  • Canada

  • Across Europe

  • Across Africa

  • Mexico 

  • The Caribbean 

  • Hawaii 

  • The UAE, including to Dubai 

  • Puerto Rico 

  • And more! 

What Are The Different Types Of UTVs?

There are technically three different classes of UTVs. These are:

  1. Utility terrain vehicles are intended for farmers and individuals who work on farms, in hunting, or in other practical and hand-on-jobs. 

  2. Sport-utility terrain vehicles are amazing for recreation and work and can be used in any season or weather. 

  3. Sport and performance utility terrain vehicles are the UTVs you reach strictly for playtime and various terrains. 

different types of utvs

Shipping Your UTV with ShipLux

Utility is your thing. As a UTV driver, you're a hard worker AND smart. That's where your UTV comes in: you have a UTV because you get things done. Your UTV gives you freedom and comfort without compromising utility and payload. 

Our team at ShipLux appreciates this! We guarantee UTV shipping solutions that provide you with hassle-free peace of mind, so you can hit the open terrain anywhere. ShipLux gets it:  side-by-side vehicles typically seat between two and six people, so their shape and size can range pretty dramatically. 

We offer two main ways to ship your UTV:

  1. Enclosed Shopping 

    With this premium shipping option, your UTV will be loaded into a 100% covered trailer and whisked away to the final destination. We offer countless trailers in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various vehicles, so your UTV will be strapped in securely and safely. The major draw of enclosed shipping is safety and security, as your UTV will be shielded from any adverse weather, theft, or other dangerous debris. Your UTV will arrive shiny and bright, ready to hit the road right away.

  2. Open Shipping  trailers are a great option for shopping your UTV, especially if you wish to keep to a more strict budget.  Your UTV will be loaded and transported via a trailer that is open on all sides! Similar to the enclosed trailer option, we have a significant range of open trailers in different sizes and styles. Whatever your vehicle’s size and type, it will be safely driven or placed by the careful hands and detailed orientated eye of our expert team, who will do many safety checks before taking off and throughout the journey to maintain everything smooth along the ride.

Every single ShipLux UTV shipment is covered by our premium service which includes expert handling from door to door, 24/7 communication, and unlimited tracking updates. White glove service is guaranteed with ShipLux! 

What Does It Cost To Ship A Utv?

At ShipLux, we are proud of our transparent and fair pricing. We do not believe in secret prices, hidden fees or shock add-ons that will leave our customers with their jaws on the floor. Instead, we offer personalized quotes that will reflect the final, all-encompassing price for our premium service. 

The best part? It takes 5 minutes to complete our quote. This is designed on purpose, as this is the first interaction you have with our services, and its straightforward and stress-free process is a reflection of the shipping. There are enough difficult decisions to make in life, you can forget that with ShipLux! 

There are a number of factors that will impact the cost in your quote:

  • Time of year you wish to ship

  • Model, size and the type of UTV being shipped

  • If the UTV is running or not 

  • The location your UTV is being pickup and dropped off 

  • Which season you wish to ship your UTV


How to Prepare For Your UTV To Be Shipped

There are a number of ways you can prepare your precious UTV for its journey ahead. Here are the steps to take: 

  • Prepare and collect documents. If you are shipping your UTV abroad or shipping it to be sold, you will need to get your documents in order. We can guide you on what you need, but in general, you will need owner paperwork and ID.

  • Get your UTV looked over by a professional. Get your baby tuned up! Should the UTV need to be driven by our team during the shipment, you should have it looked over to ensure enough pressure in the tyres, sufficient charge in the battery and enough fluids. Take note of any issues that are present, and have them fixed if possible. 

  • Snap pictures. These have dual purposes - they can be for you to look at lovingly while you miss your UTV but they are also necessary to confirm its condition. Be sure to take pictures of it all over, focusing on areas that already have some damage.


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