Are you ready to tackle challenging terrain in your ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or UTV (utility task vehicle)? Have you chosen an exciting place to tear up the trails, whether alone or with friends? If you have, then the first big challenge is how to get your vehicle to where the adventure begins.

The Pros and Cons of Moving it Yourself

Obviously, you are the adventurous type, and you might simply want the joy of taking a road trip before you hit the wild terrain. That can definitely be fun. We would never try to convince you otherwise. However, here are some things to consider before you decide to drive your ATV or UTV yourself:

  • If you’re moving more than 1 or 2 vehicles, it could become much more complicated.
  • You’ll need to have either a trailer to haul the vehicles, or specialized equipment to load it onto your truck.
  • While choosing to haul your ATV and UTV yourself could save you some money, don’t forget things like gas, overnight stays, meals, and the time you need to travel that add to your costs. If you’ll need to travel more than 500 miles (the recommended limit for drivers) you will definitely need to plan for at least one overnight stay.

Road trips can absolutely be fun adventures, but if your focus is the ride on rugged terrain you might want to consider another option.

Shipping with the Professionals

If you’ve never shipped an ATV or UTV before, you might not know what to expect in a professional shipping experience. Here’s a quick overview so you have no surprises when hiring your preferred vehicle shipping company:

Shipping Cost

You’re probably thinking, “That sounds expensive.” Keep in mind that while there are different costs involved with shipping than with towing or driving your vehicle long-distance, some shipping-specific costs negate the costs you’d likely incur in wear-and-tear after a long journey.

Like shipping any vehicle, shipping prices will vary based on:

  • Distance: Transporting an ATV/UTV longer distances will cost more.
  • Gas prices: As we all know, gas prices are beyond transport companies’ control, and can affect shipping costs. For national averages of gas prices, check out AAA gas prices map.
  • Time of Year: Seasonality and the direction of travel affect the cost of shipping vehicles.
  • Size and weight of vehicle: UTVs vary widely in shape and size, seating 2-6 people. Larger or uniquely-shaped vehicles may cost more to ship because they take up more space in a carrier.

Although there is cost involved, ultimately it is a price worth paying when you find the right carrier. You want to work with a company that provides price transparency—a quote that’s specific to your needs, your vehicle, and is all-inclusive, meaning no unexpected surprises.

If you ship a shorter distance, the cost could start at around $300. The higher end will depend on all of the different factors mentioned above. The best way to find a quote that works for you is to reach out to several different companies that ship ATVs or UTVs, request free quotes, and ask lots of questions before making any decisions.

Shipping Equipment

Still not convinced? The other advantage of shipping your ATV/UTV with a company experienced in shipping unique vehicles is that they’ll have the right equipment to move your vehicle safely and securely.

To ensure the safe transport of your ATV/UTV you want to be sure that the company uses the correct transport vehicle. One size does not fit all.

Some shipping companies have additional requirements as well, such as:

  • Some will take your ATV or UTV as is and roll it onto the truck.
  • Some will require the ATV or UTV be strapped to a pallet, to be loaded and unloaded by forklift.
  • Some will not carry an ATV or UTV unless it’s in a crate.

An experienced transport company will have access to trailers that are designed to move ATVs and UTVs, and fit the dimensions of your vehicles. In addition, they will make use of soft-tie straps to secure ATVS and UTVs in place, and will be equipped with air-ride suspensions. This equipment ensures a smooth ride without damage to your vehicle.

Shipping Peace Of Mind

This may sound complicated, but the truth is that, with the right ATV/UTV transport services, the only thing you will have to worry about is scoping out the next trail to ride yours on (or off).

Do your research of various companies. Compare and contrast offerings.

Look for the company that provides the following:

Compare and contrast offerings

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At ShipLux, we take pride in treating every vehicle and every customer with respect, and providing the highest-quality service. We work with our customers to meet the specific needs of their vehicles, including your ATV and UTV. We provide Price Transparency for every vehicle we ship, meaning you’ll never have any surprises with the final bill.

Reach out today to have your questions answered and let’s get your ATV or UTV ready to load, ship, and take on your off-road adventure.