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Hawaii Car Shipping

Heading to paradise?! Discover the islands of Hawaii by not just any vehicle, but your vehicle. Let ShipLux handle the delivery of your vehicle to Hawaii, completely stress-free because with ShipLux, shipping a car to Hawaii is as easy as ‘Aloha!’

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Next Stop, Hawaii!

Vacationing, relocating, buying a new vehicle, or hitting the waves on your surfboard, Hawaii is the place to be, with your beloved vehicle in stow. Whatever the incentive for heading to the 50th state, let us help. 

We will your vehicle to Honolulu,  Kahului, Hilo, Lanai, and Molokai. 

What's more, we ship all vehicles, such as:

Don't see what you wish to ship? Let us know! We will see what we can arrange.

How Do I Ship A Car To Or From Hawaii?

ShipLux works in tandem with the elements and a team of qualified professionals to safely get your safety to —and from—Hawaii. We offer shipping to Hawaii by air or by sea. 

Opting for a journey via the sea, the options for your vehicle are as follows:

Wave goodbye to your vehicle at the port, which are located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland and Long, California as well as in Tacoma, Washington. Port-to-port shipping invites you to get your vehicle to the port on your own, where you will meet a friendly ShipLux driver, who will take the keys and meet you on the other side. 

For a much more convenient option, select door-to-door shipping. You’ll hear a knock at your door, and be greeted by our wonderful carriers who will collect your keys, whisk your vehicle away to the port, taking care of it until it reaches Hawaii. 

The next stage of the journey includes selecting the following:

  1. Roll-on roll-off (RoRo) on a container ship.
    With roll-on, roll-off shipping, your vehicle will be transported onto a secure vessel by a professional driver, without additional lifting assistance by a crane. Your vehicle will be taken directly onto the vessel and then secured inside on the car decks inside the vessel, which are both wind and watertight. This option is great for those on a budget and can take on a range of vehicles, including 4×4’s, motorhomes and trucks.  

  2. Closed container shipping:
    Closed container shipping is a luxurious sail for your car. Your vehicle will be professionally and safely loaded into a fully closed, completely secured 360-degree container. These containers are spacious, ranging between 20-40 feet, but intended to fit well for your vehicle, ensuring its absolute comfort. We suggest going this route if you are taking a vehicle that is of high value to Hawaii.

  3. Air Freight Shipping:
    In a rush to get your vehicle to Kauai, O’ahu, Maui, or the Big Island ASAP? Enter Air Freight Shipping. Oh yes, it's a possibility—but prepare for a significant expenditure going this route. Either private or commercial your vehicle will be loaded carefully into the aircraft and whisked away. For this option, you are welcome to drive your car to the arranged airport, but we will happily pick it up right at your door.

What’s involved in the cost of shipping a car from or to Hawaii?

Naturally, several factors can impact the price tag we provide you for shipping your vehicle to Hawaii. 

These include: 

  1. Shipping Method:
    RoRo shipping is by far the cheapest, whereas air freight is going to pack a punch. For container shipping, it lands somewhere comfortably in the middle. Whether you get door-to-door service will also impact the end price. 

  2. What vehicle you are shipping and its condition:
    Vehicles that are long, tall and heavy, will be more expensive than smaller cars. The heavier your car, the higher the price. If your car has specific needs or is inoperable (which we can still work with) it may require additional fees that tack on added fees. 

  3. Your timing and flexibility:
    Planning and booking your shipping as early as possible, will reduce issues, eliminate delays and allow proper planning. If you can be flexible, you will be rewarded with a lower price, too!

  4. What location you are going to and from:
    Do you want the good news or the good news first!? After deciding the method of transporting your car to Hawaii, you will be pleased to hear that whatever island is your destination, including Hilo, Oahu, Kahului, Maui, and Molokai, there is not a major price change between them! What will impact the price is the location that your car is starting from.

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How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii?

At this point—you’re probably itching for the price. To determine it, you just have to complete a quick survey that determines the factors that are specific to you and your needs. There is no set price because we offer realistic prices based on individual circumstances. Transparent pricing is the name of our game. 

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car To Or From Hawaii?

Where in the Aloha State your vehicle is going can impact how long it will take to be shipped.  While our stellar customer service agents will provide you with regular updates, and time frames for your specific vehicle, on average, getting it to Hawaii takes anywhere from 8 to 19 days. 


If you are shipping from the East Coast of the US, this may increase the journey time. 

Why Trust ShipLux?

You can trust your vehicle with ShipLux. With our comprehensive and dedicated service, we will ensure the following:
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All-Inclusive Service With ShipLux

We’ll pretty much ship anything!
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We love all of our customers!

Our online reservation platform and our impressive communication system will keep you updated on every step of your shipping process, from booking to drop-off, and every point in between. We are available 24/7!
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Detailed and VIP focused.

We offer a Premium Service that takes care of the details
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Door-to-Door service.

We will whisk your vehicle away, wherever it may be and you won't need to worry until we drop it off again at the destination in Hawaii!
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Easy and honest pricing

ShipLux provides personalized, transparent pricing for everyone. We are always available, and there will never be hidden fees. The price you’re given is the price you pay.
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Rules and Regulations

There is a number of paperwork that is required to ship your vehicle to Hawaii. While it may vary depending on your situation,you can expect to give the following: 

  • Lien holder authorization 

  • Vehicle Title 

  • Vehicle Registration 

  • Photo ID 

  • Proof of Ownership (if shipping from Hawaii) 


Vehicle Preparation

  • Wash your car. 

  • Take a picture of your car to document its condition. Don't forget to snap a picture of the odometer. 

  • Check for engine and mechanical problems and ensure any problem areas are sorted out prior to departing. 

  • Prepare your car's documents—typically the original copy is best, if possible. 


Can I track my vehicle for the shipment?

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Can I designate someone to receive my vehicle?

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How long will it take my vehicle to arrive in Hawaii?

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Can I ship personal items inside my vehicle?

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