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Golf Cart Shipping

Shipping a golf cart? ShipLux offers Premium open & White Glove enclosed shipping for your golf cart transport. Request a quote for your golf cart shipping today!

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Shipping Your Golf Cart With ShipLux is a hole-in-one experience!

Totally customized. Totally simple.
Fore! With ShipLux, we offer trustworthy and methodical golf cart shipping solutions, so all the stress is completely removed from the process.  Our qualified team of logistic specialists is like a faithful caddy, supporting you every step of the way, so you can stay focused on everything else! Maybe perfecting your shot?
What is the reason you’re shipping your golf cart?

ShipLux will deliver your golf cart with a straight shot! 

Best Golf Cart Shipping in the United States

ShipLux happily supports your shipment both coast to coast and internationally. There are plenty of places worth shipping your golf cart, that you are going to want to play the game! 

Special golf carts to conquer in the U.S.: 

Incredible golf courses worth traveling outside the U.S.:

How Does Golf Cart Transport Work?

  1. Open Carrier Transport
    Open-carrier transportation means that your golf cart will be loaded securely onto an open trailer. The golf cart will be loaded with care and securely attached so it doesn't rattle or move. Due to the nature of the open-carrier transport, however, your golf cart will be exposed to all elements that it comes across on its journey from state to state. This typically means it will just need a good scrub and wash down at its final destination, so if that's not a problem, it's certainly the most economical option for transporting your golf cart. Please note that depending on your golf cart, open carrier shipping is not an option if it is not able to securely exceed 60-70 mph. 

  2. Enclosed Trailer Transport
    Oppositely to open, enclosed trailers place your golf card in a fully protected trailer, that is completely protected from all elements including the weather or opportunistic thieves! We often recommend enclosed trailers for long-distance journeys or if your golf card is extremely high-end. Every enclosed vehicle shipment comes with the White Glove Treatment, meaning your vehicle will arrive in the same condition it left.

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Golf Cart Shipping For International Shipment

Curious to hit the green golf course abroad? We can absolutely support you in shipping your golf card abroad, through the following methods: 

  1. Roll-on roll-off, “RoRo shipping”
    With roll-on and roll-off shipping, the golf cart will be driven onto the cargo ship, where it will then be secured.

  2. Closed container shipping With a closed container shipment, the golf cart will be placed inside a fully closed ship container, offering it 360-degree protection.  ShipLux offers a private container or one that is shared.

  3. Air-freight shipping  Air-freight shipping is when the golf cart is whisked to the final destination aboard a plane, either chartered or commercial.  This is best when you need the car ASAP, but it will cost you!
    Shipping a golf car is really like shipping a mini-car! 

To ship a golf cart within the U.S., both open carrier transport and enclosed carrier transport options are available. 


How To Prepare your Golf Cart for Shipment

Preparing your golf cart for shipment entails taking the following steps:

  • Remove all personal items from the cart

  • Detach any loose elements or parts from the cart

  • Clean the golf cart thoroughly 

  • Take pictures of the golf cart, as evidence of the state of your golf cart

  • Have your golf cart looked over to ensure there's no damage or problem s 

  • Disconnect any electrical accessories 

  • Empty the gas tank 


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