Are you looking to buy a golf cart to help you tool around the links, explore the neighborhood, hunt and fish, or any of the numerous reasons why you might want to own one? We’re not here to sell you one, although we fully support your desire to have one.

Seriously, if we could, we might go shopping for something like these unique golf carts.

No, we’re here to help you solve another problem: how do you ship your golf cart to wherever you need it to be?

How Much Will It Cost to Ship My Golf Cart?

This is probably going to be your first question after you just spent thousands of dollars purchasing your golf cart. According to GoRollick.Com, the average cost of a new golf cart is $9,400, and the average cost of a used one is $5,700. Whatever you’ve spent, you want to be sure to get a fair deal on shipping, and also ensure that your golf cart gets to its destination in the same condition it was when it was loaded.

Golf Cart Shipping Factors

Shipping costs depend on several factors, including:

  • How far the golf cart will travel (including pickup and dropoff locations).
  • Seasonality. Here’s a link that explains how the seasons, and the direction you’re shipping, affects transport costs. The cheapest season for golf carts is late fall to early spring.
  • Weight and dimensions. The heavier or bigger the cart, the more it will cost.
  • Method of transport (open vs. closed carry).

According to, the average cost of transporting a golf cart, after assessing for all of these variations, is $100 - $200 for local shipping (under 100 miles) and $300 - $600 for long-distance moves.

In order to get the best price for your needs, it's important to compare and contrast quotes from companies experienced in shipping unique vehicles like golf carts and motorcycles.

How Long Will It Take?

This all depends on distance and destination. The reality is that transport truck drivers must follow federal regulations when it comes to how many hours a day they can drive. In general, for safety’s sake, drivers should go no more than 500 miles in a day (although the rules for truckers do push that a little farther). Basically, the farther the distance you need your cart shipped, the longer it will take.

Golf carts are not traditional vehicles. There are fewer carriers who are equipped to transport items like golf carts and motorcycles, so this affects the shipping time, as those carriers who do it may stop to load other unique vehicles along the way. This means that the average time to ship a golf cart across the country is about three weeks.

By planning ahead and scheduling your shipping in advance, you can avoid the stress of your golf cart not arriving on time. If you need the cart at a specific time (like for a tournament) be sure to ship a few months in advance, to ensure its timely and safe arrival.

Preparing For Shipping

If you’ve just purchased your golf cart, hopefully you’ve taken it for a drive (especially for a used golf cart—never purchase it sight-unseen!) In that case, all you really need to do to prepare is check the golf cart and maybe take a picture before it’s loaded into the transport vehicle so you can look for any damage on the other side.

If you’ve been using your golf cart, then be sure to clear out any personal belongings as they will not be covered by shipping insurance. Also, clean your cart so that it’s easier to inspect.

That’s really all there is to it.

Research Your Ideal Transport Company

Not all transport companies are created equal. Some are simply not equipped to move unique vehicles. You want to work with a company that knows what they’re doing, knows how to protect the vehicles they ship, and provides excellent service on all levels.

How do you find them? By asking questions, checking reviews, and checking to see if they’ve shipped golf carts before.

The best golf cart transport companies will always find ways to accommodate your concerns, provide transparent pricing, and provide a clear statement of when you can expect your golf cart to arrive at its destination.

Ship Your Golf Cart With The Professionals At ShipLux

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