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Enclosed Exotic Car Transport

Whether you're looking for exotic car transport around the corner or around the world, we ensure that your cargo arrives in pristine condition. Request an enclosed exotic car transport quote today!

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Your Enclosed Exotic Car Transport Experience

Envelop your vehicle in 100% protection, ensuring protection, safety, and a stress-free experience. 

Loving exotic cars is a passion that transcends a mere admiration for four-wheeled machines. It is an intoxicating blend of awe, fascination, and an appreciation for the exceptional! Their sleek lines, captivating designs, and raw power ignite a profound sense of excitement and admiration for all enthusiasts—including us at ShipLux. The love for exotic cars is a testament to the boundless human pursuit of beauty, innovation, and the extraordinary.

No matter how your exotic car breaks the mold, ShipLux makes your exotic car transport simply effortless. Opting for enclosed exotic car shipping with ShipLux guarantees that your exotic car gets the right kind of attention. With enclosed shipping, your exotic car will be 100% safe.  Exotic car, supercar, hypercar, “Ethyl”… whatever you call her, she’s a work of art. Let us, the shipping experts at ShipLux, enclose your vehicle in luxury from start to finish. Contact us for your custom, transparent exotic car shipping quote today!

What Vehicle Can Be Shipped With Enclosed Car Shipping?

Enclosed car shipping is mostly used for transporting high-value, classic, luxury, exotic vehicles, or those that have beloved vehicles that simply require extra protection during transit. Enclosed car shipping offers a controlled environment that shields valuable vehicles from potential damage, adverse weather conditions, road debris, or unauthorized access, making it the preferred choice for owners seeking the utmost care. 

We ship the following: 
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Exotic Cars

High-performance sports cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, Bugattis, and Aston Martins are often transported using enclosed shipping to ensure their pristine condition and safeguard their delicate components.
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Classic Cars

Vintage and classic cars are sentimental and historical. These could include iconic models like Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, Porsche 911s, and vintage American muscle cars.
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Antique Cars

Rare and antique automobiles from different eras, including Model Ts, Packards, Duesenbergs, and vintage European vehicles.
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Customized or Modified Cars

Custom-built cars, show cars, and vehicles with extensive modifications or unique features with specialized paintwork, custom parts, and intricate detailing.
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High-Value Vehicles

Any high-value vehicles, such as limited edition or one-of-a-kind cars, concept vehicles, or even prototypes.
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Who Uses Enclosed Car Transport?

Exotic car transport services are utilized by many people! These include:
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Auto Auctions

Auto auction transports high-value vehicles to auction events, ensuring their safe and secure arrival.
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Auto Dealers

Dealerships specializing in exotic cars rely on transport services to deliver vehicles to their showrooms or to transport vehicles between different dealership locations.
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Auto Enthusiasts

Passionate car enthusiasts enlist transport services to move their prized possessions for events, rallies, or even when relocating.
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Auto Manufacturers

Exotic car manufacturers utilize transport services to transport their vehicles from production facilities to dealerships or to showcase their models at auto shows and exhibitions.
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Private Collectors and Private Owners

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Professional Athletes

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Race Teams

Open Auto ShippingEnclosed Auto Shipping
Less expensiveMore expensive
Exposed to elements and debrisFully protected from elements
Prone to weather damageShielded from weather conditions
Potential for theft or vandalismHigher level of security
Suitable for standard vehiclesSuitable for high-value or exotic vehicles
Visible during transitConcealed during transit
Faster deliveryLonger delivery time
Basic insurance coverageHigher insurance coverage options
More common and widely availableLimited availability


How Do I Prepare My Exotic Car For Enclosed Shipping?

When preparing your exotic car for enclosed shipping, here are some steps to help you prepare your exotic car for enclosed shipping:

  • Clean and document: Thoroughly clean your car, both inside and out. Have a full-on photoshoot, and take detailed photographs of the vehicle from various angles to document its pre-shipping condition. This will serve as a reference in case of any disputes or damage claims.

  • Remove personal belongings

  • Do a maintenance check: Ensure that your car is in good working condition before shipping. Check the tire pressure, fluid levels, and battery charge. If necessary, address any mechanical issues or leaks before shipping.

  • Secure convertible top: If you have a convertible, make sure the top is securely fastened to prevent any potential damage from wind or weather conditions during transport.

  • Protect vulnerable areas: Use protective coverings, such as a car cover or paint protection film, to safeguard vulnerable areas of your vehicle.


How is Exotic Car Shipping Different Than Regular Car Shipping?

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What Is An Exotic Car Transport?

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship An Exotic Car?

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