Let’s start with a little dose of truth—shipping a car is not cheap. If you look at a basic breakdown of simply the monetary cost, it is almost always cheaper to drive your car yourself, especially if you are moving under 500 miles.

You are probably wondering why we here at ShipLux—professionals in the auto moving business—would admit this. It’s simple, we believe in treating our clients with respect. We acknowledge that what we offer can come with a high price tag.

However, there are so many additional benefits to hiring a car shipping company rather than driving your vehicle yourself, that we are confident that our services are not only valuable, but also the best option when you need to move your car.

Check out this visual for a quick overview:

Shipping vs driving infographic

1. Ship to Put Safety First
True story: On a move across the country, one person drove the moving van, one drove the car, and a backup driver alternated between driving and keeping someone company. They drove along in a caravan, until a slight miscalculation in the car led to a swerve and a spin into the concrete barrier on the median.

Luckily (thanks to an alert transport driver behind the car) nobody was hurt, and the car was drivable. Still, the driver was shaken enough to not want to get behind the wheel again. The trip slowed down, and ended up costing more because of the surprise repair expense on the other side of the drive.

While the chances of an accident like this happening are minimal, anything is possible when you take your car on the road. It only takes a moment of eyes wandering, or tiredness setting in, to put everything at risk. There are also dangers from other drivers. During the pandemic shutdown of 2020, there were more car accidents even though fewer people were on the road. 

Another area to think about in terms of safety, is personal safety as well as the safety of your vehicle. Rest areas, though convenient, require caution and awareness for the safety of your property and yourself. Cars loaded on a transport carrier are generally safer from the risk of theft, especially if you choose an enclosed carrier.

2. Ship to Save Time

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had the time available to take an epic cross-country road trip? It takes time to drive long distances. Driving across the country can take a full week, depending on how often you stop, road conditions, weather, and many other factors.

Generally, it’s recommended that drivers take 15-minute breaks every two hours, and drive for no more than 8 hours a day. If you are taking a road trip, that doesn’t leave much time for sightseeing, unless you can take enough time off from your regular life to turn the journey into an adventure.

While car transport drivers must also follow these general rules, that’s their job. They are paid to do it for you. In addition, they have training to deal with adverse road conditions, which means that your car will get where it's going in a timely, safe manner, without adding more time (or money for hotels and adventures) to your costs.

3. Ship To Avoid Wear and Tear
Every mile you drive affects the value of your vehicle, depending on how you drive. Simply driving puts wear and tear on your vehicle. If you normally put 1000 miles on your car a month, and then do more than that in a week, it could affect the cost of your vehicle, although mileage is not the only concern.

Other things to consider is the car itself. Do you own an antique or unique vehicle? If so, shipping is the best option. Is your car pristine and perfect? Do you treat it like a precious member of your family? It may not be in the same condition after a move across the country, unless you ship. 

The truth is, when we take our cars on the road, there is inevitable wear and tear. The best option is to avoid this by shipping your vehicle.

It’s Not Just About the Money

We will say it again, it generally costs less to drive your vehicle rather than hire someone to ship. However, when you add in the expenses of hotels, food, your own gas, wear and tear, damage, and time, you can see how this investment is actually worth the cost.

Choose The Professionals—Contact ShipLux Today!

If you are all in for the road trip, we hope you have a great time.

However, if you recognize the value of hiring professionals to ship your vehicle for you, reach out today for a shipping quote

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Our agents are available at any time to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your move.  While shipping may cost a little more, it is definitely worth the value in terms of time, safety, and the comfort of knowing your car will get to you in excellent condition.