The United States boasts an abundance of lovely lakes and canals ideal for a day on the water. The U.S. is a boat lover's dream, with nearly 95,000 miles of shoreline covering every climate - from cold Alaska to sunny Florida - and countless lakes to explore. You don't have to worry about restricting your options since this article will help you pick a suitable place for your summer activities. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite spots to launch your boat in the USA. 

Destin, Florida 

Destin is well located to appreciate the Gulf of Mexico's aquatic magnificence in style. There are as many sugar-sand beaches and barrier islands as restaurants, shops, and golf courses. The bay and Intracoastal Waterway are ideal for rookie boaters; the bustling east Pass into the Gulf of Mexico requires a more skilled hand with its tides, wave action, and swells. South Walton's beaches are home to 17 coastal dune lakes. Their dune barriers, which separate them from the Gulf by sand, are broken numerous times a year to mix fresh and saline waters. 

Island of Santa Catalina, California 

California is America's coastline state, extending great distances along the Pacific Coast. Boaters have long flocked to the area to enjoy the laid-back beach ambiance, admire the stunning scenery of the shoreline, and take in the flashy waterfront towns of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cruising to Catalina Island is a classic California sailing adventure, with the picturesque, tiny island just south of Los Angeles transporting visitors backward in time. On your way to the vacation village of Two Harbors, keep an eye out for dolphins and whales as you sail along the harbor. Embark on a cruise down the coast, stopping at secret turquoise harbors, or dock your yacht and head towards the mountains. 

Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah 

boats moored in calm waters with sandstone cliffs in the background

This renowned boating location in the west has a lot to offer in natural beauty and water activities. Glen Canyon Dam, completed in 1963 to dam the Colorado River, created the lake. Surrounded by stunning sandstone cliffs and copper-colored canyons, Lake Powell is a favorite location for houseboats. Explore the enormous lakes and canals, do some cliff jumping from the cliffs, and discover your secluded beach to rest on—the boating opportunities in this area are limitless. 

San Juan Islands, Washington 

Washington State Ferry and boats moored at Friday Harbor,

The Pacific Northwest is a terrific location and an underestimated draw for boaters if you want a fresh and intriguing encounter. The San Juan Islands, situated off the coast of Washington state, is a great area to go for wildlife and scenery. It also promises a friendly ambiance, with several small communities, each with its distinct character. The islands have one of the highest populations of bald eagles outside of Alaska, while secretive river otters and black-tailed deer flourish on the islands. The natural splendor of this location, whose snow-capped peaks tower above the 172-island archipelago, coupled with a wealth of wildlife-spotting chances, has made it a boater's heaven. All just a stone's throw away from Seattle and its outstanding marinas. 

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