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Ship Your Car From Texas to California

When you ship your car from Texas to California, choose ShipLux. Peace of mind from door to door, premium service included.

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Thinking about Shipping Your Car from Texas to California? Start by getting a transparent quote from ShipLux!

ShipLux is centered on offering stress-free vehicle shipping. We are dedicated to seamless shipping, stellar communications and 5 start treatment for everyone, which is why we offer the following:  

  1. 24/7 customer service, through your preferred communication channel, including Whatsapp, emailing or phone calls. 

  2. Options for shipping that best suits your needs include open-carrier and enclosed-carrier shipping.  

  3. Premium Handling on all shipments, piloted by a talented team, who are just as crazy about vehicles as you!

  4. Consistent commitment to 100% transparent and accurate pricing, that is not size fits all but rather perfectly personalized for everyone’s unique situation. 

  5. Quotes that are accessible, quick and to fill out are not only extremely transparent but are also zero obligation! This means, there is no reason not to determine what your situation will cost you, for shipping your car from Texas to California.

Start by Getting a Quote on How Much It Cost to Ship a Car to California

We appreciate that no two shipping scenarios are the same, so rather than offering an average price or estimation, we offer a transparent, personalized quote which will be exactly what you will pay, without any hidden fees or surprises. With ShipLux, we encourage you to ask any and every question you have about the shipping price and process, and when you’re ready to move on, your ShipLux logistics team will guide you on the next step! 

What Goes Into the Cost of Shipping a Car From Texas to California?

There are many factors that get included when considering shipping from Texas to California. These are: 

    1. The distance traveled
      While the exact distance traveled will vary depending on pick-up and drop-off location, a reasonable average to expect is 1,407 miles when traversing from Texas to California! This matters because ShipLux includes fuel usage, and the longer the trip, it typically means a decreased use of fuel.

    2. The type of vehicle you are shipping
      If you didn't know, we ship it all! We are happy to ship the following items:

      • Luxury vehicles

      • Antique cars

      • Classic cars

      • Boats and other watercrafts

      • Motorcycles

      • Trucks

      • Golf carts

      • And more! 

We are determined to find a way to make it happen for you so that you can enjoy whatever toy and vehicle you wish on the West Coast. For costing purposes, smaller, shorter and lighter vehicles cost less than heavier vehicles. If your vehicle is substantially taller or longer than average, it can require a large trailer, too. 

    1. The time of year you’re heading to California 

Certain seasons are super busy for car shipping! From snowbirds to college students, different seasons mean different demands. If you can be flexible in your timing, we encourage you to look into slower seasons, which is typically the fall. Summer is the busiest time, and will be reflected in a higher price tag. 

    1. The condition of the vehicle 

Should your car require specific loading and unloading equipment, costs can be added on. Condition matters! For example, if your vehicle is inoperable, it will likely require a forklift or other specific machinery to place the vehicle into the transport method. 

    1. What shipping method you are going to use

Shipping your vehicle to another state can be done two ways: open carrier or enclosed shipping!

      • Open carrier transportation 

Right off the bat, the open carrier is a much more budget-friendly option for shipping your vehicle! With this method, your vehicle will be loaded and transported via a trailer that is open on all sides. It will hit the highway to California, and upon arrival will be in great condition, just requiring a quick wash!   We have a nice variety of open trailers that range in both size and style so we can accommodate vehicles of all sizes.  

      • Enclosed transportation

Opposite of open carriers, vehicles shipped via enclosed transportation will be delicately and smoothly loaded onto a covered trailer. The vehicle will have full coverage protection from all outside elements that could impact the car en route to California. Depending on the vehicle you are shipping, we have a wide variety of trailers that will work. 

While both open and enclosed are fantastic options, if you have a vehicle with a substantial price tag, such as a classic car, antique car or exotic car, or a vehicle that just means alot to you, we suggest enclosed as it will have that extra layer of protection. ShipLux has connections and works closely with accredited and vetted drivers only to  ensure that your vehicle makes it safely to California.  
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Shipping From the State of Texas

Texas, nicknamed “The Lone Star State,” is located in the south-central region of America. It received this nickname as a nod to the past when the state was a former independent republic. The Lone Star is located on the Texas state flag and the Texas state seal, as a way to showcase the pride and “go-it-alone” spirit that is still part of the Texan way of life.

What makes Texas so unique?

Other than encompassing over 268 820 square miles, making it bigger than many countries around the world combined, you’ll find everything here! Texas weather compliments the foliage, ranging from cactus, forests, grasslands and citrus groves. You can enjoy the hills, slopes, and desert terrain and of course, famous cattle ranches. 

Ship Your Car to California

In its essence, California is a state of mind. It is the perfect destination to cruise, explore and make new memories in the same beloved vehicle you’ve had countless adventures in Texas in. 

California is often referred to as “The Land Of Dreams,” because it offers unparalleled beauty that can be appreciated from every corner of its vast tract along the Pacific Ocean’s edge! On the west coast of the U.S., you are never too far away from your next adventure–whether that is shopping on Hollywood Boulevard, marveling at Yosemite National Park, or making friends at the San Diego Zoo. 

If ever there was such a thing as paradise found, then surely it's California! Who would want anything else!?
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