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Ship Your Car From New York to Florida

Looking for car transport to Florida? For premium services, choose ShipLux to ship a car from NY to Florida. Request a FREE Car Transport NY to Florida quote now!

Ship Your Car From New York to Florida

With its captivating coastline, numerous theme parks, and a plethora of tourist attractions, Florida stands out as a dream location. The state's enchanting beauty is propelled further by its stunning state parks, pristine golf courses, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance. We cannot forget that the average year-round temperature of the state ranges between 65 to 77 degrees, making it an ideal spot for those seeking warmer climates and a beachy lifestyle! 

Florida attracts a diverse array of visitors, including snowbirds, seasonal travelers, vacationers, remote workers, college students, military personnel, and families. Each year, countless people venture to this sunny paradise, and having their vehicle with them enhances their experience and provides the freedom to explore the state at their own pace and needs. 

Fortunately, shipping your vehicle to Florida has never been easier, more affordable, or stress-free when you work with ShipLux!  Get started now by obtaining a quote for all of your car transport needs.

Types Of Shipment With ShipLux

At ShipLux, we use both open and enclosed shipments for transporting vehicles. Wondering the difference between the two? Here's a comparison of the two:
Open Shipment
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Common Method

Open shipment is the standard and widely used method for car transportation.
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Exposed to Elements

Vehicles are loaded onto an open trailer, and during transit, they are exposed to weather elements, road debris, and potential damage.
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Open transport is more affordable compared to enclosed transport since multiple vehicles can be transported simultaneously, sharing the shipping costs.
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Suitable for Most Vehicles

This method is ideal for regular cars, SUVs, and other common vehicles that do not require specialized protection.

Enclosed Shipment
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Additional Protection

Enclosed shipment involves loading vehicles onto an enclosed trailer, protecting them from weather conditions, road debris, and potential damage during transit.
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Higher Price

Enclosed transport is more expensive than open transport due to its limited trailer capacity and enhanced protection.
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Ideal for Unique Vehicles

Enclosed shipment is recommended for luxury, classic, vintage, or high-value vehicles that need extra care and protection during shipping.
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Reduced Risk of Damage

With vehicles shielded from external elements, there is a reduced risk of cosmetic damage during transportation.
Choosing between open and enclosed shipments depends on factors such as the value of the vehicle, its condition, and personal preferences. Both are excellent, and both receive white glove treatment and door-to-door delivery. 
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Shipping Your Vehicle from New York

New York has been a cornerstone of the country since its founding. Known as "The Empire State," it is home to a vibrant city with over twenty million people, commonly known as the cultural hub of the world.

The city boasts a melting pot of diverse cultures, ensuring there's never a dull moment with so much to explore. From iconic landmarks like Central Park to the bustling Times Square, the opportunities for adventure are right outside your doorstep.

Shipping to the State of Florida

Florida has long been a beloved destination for travelers seeking a mix of enchanting theme parks, family-friendly attractions, and stunning beaches. As the fourth most populated state in America, Florida is famous for its world-renowned attractions such as Walt Disney World Resort & Spa and Universal Orlando Resort City, where a wealth of options awaits under one roof. Additionally, the Florida Everglades offer year-round opportunities to embrace the outdoors and bask in the state's glorious sunshine, making it a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

How Does Vehicle Shipment to Florida Work?

Car transport to Florida typically involves the following steps:

  1. Get Quotes: Request quotes to understand your personalized costs to help you budget, and compare rates and services. In the quote, you will need to provide details about your vehicle, the pickup location, and the desired delivery destination in Florida.

  2. Choose the Transport Method: Decide on the transport methods, between open transport and enclosed transport. 

  3. Book the Service: After selecting a car shipping company and the preferred transport method, book the service by providing the necessary details and scheduling the pickup date.

  4. Prepare Your Car: Before the pickup date, prepare your car for transportation. Clean it thoroughly, remove personal belongings, and make a note of any pre-existing damages with photographs.

  5. Pickup and Loading: On the scheduled date, the carrier will arrive at the pickup location to load your car onto the trailer. An inspection will be conducted to document the vehicle's condition.

  6. Transportation to Florida: The carrier will then transport your vehicle to Florida (or vice versa). The duration of the journey will depend on the distance and the specific route.

  7. Delivery and Inspection: Upon arrival, the carrier will deliver your car to the designated destination. Conduct a final inspection to ensure it arrived in the same condition as when it was loaded.

Throughout the process, we will be your right-hand man, providing updates and support, and making sure your vehicle shipment is a smooth and stress-free experience. 

How Long Will Shipment Take?

The duration can vary based on several factors. That being said, on average,  for distances less than 200 miles, it can take 1-2 days, and distances over can take up to nine days.  We prioritize efficiency, speed, and safety during the transportation process to ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination promptly and securely.

Several factors influence the shipping time frame, including road conditions, traffic, detours, weather, seasonal demands, driver schedules, and the overall distance. For urgent shipments, we offer options for expedited service, such as guaranteed pick-up or express auto transport, to meet your time-sensitive needs.

Rest assured, our team is committed to making the vehicle shipping process as smooth and efficient as possible. Your vehicle's transportation is our priority, and we strive to deliver it with utmost care and professionalism.


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