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Moving Cross Country

Making the move across the country from the Big Apple to Sunny California? Trust the professionals at ShipLux for the best shipping experience. Request a quote to ship a car from NY to CA now!

Ship Your Car From New York to California

When considering transporting your vehicle from New York to California, the first step is to obtain a clear and straightforward quote from ShipLux. We built our foundation on the principle that vehicle shipping should be a hassle-free experience. That's why we provide a fully personalized transport service,  24/7 customer support, and Premium Handling, ensuring top-notch care. 

Traveling California-NYC

People who go from California to NYC or vice versa do so for many reasons! 

For some, it's a quest for new opportunities and career advancements in these bustling metropolises. The allure of vibrant cultures, diverse communities, and iconic landmarks also attracts those seeking a change of scenery.  Climate preferences play a role too, as California offers a sunny and mild climate, while NYC boasts distinct seasons and a dynamic urban lifestyle. Additionally, family commitments, educational pursuits, or simply a desire for adventure motivate individuals to embark on these cross-country moves. 

Whatever the reason, these transitions provide a chance for personal growth and the experience of life in two remarkable and contrasting corners of the United States—and there's one thing your adventure requires: a vehicle! Let the professionals at ShipLux support you in the shipment of your vehicles. 


How to Ship a Vehicle from New York to California

Shipping a car from New York to California may seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning and the right steps, it can be a smooth process. Here's a checklist to get you on your way! 

  1. Get a Transparent Price Quote: Request quotes from us at Ship Lux, as our quotes include all relevant fees and services, insurance coverage, and other fees—there are never any hidden costs with us!  

  2. Choose the Shipping Method: There are two main shipping options: open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport is more common and affordable, while enclosed transport provides extra protection for luxury or classic vehicles.

  3. Schedule the Shipment: Once you've selected a company and shipping method, schedule the shipment in advance. Plan for a suitable pick-up date and delivery window.

  4. Prepare Your Car: Thoroughly clean your car inside and out before shipping. Remove all personal belongings and make a record of any existing damages with photos for your reference.

  5. Provide Necessary Documentation: We will inform you of the exact paperwork required based on your shipment. You will likely need to provide proof of ownership, registration, and a set of keys to the shipping company.

  6. Be Present for Pickup and Delivery: Be available when the shipping carrier arrives for pick-up and delivery.  If you are unable to be there for pick up or delivery, you must arrange with us a designated person. Whoever it is to do this, be sure to conduct a final inspection of your vehicle upon delivery to ensure it arrived in the expected condition.

Remember to plan and give yourself plenty of time to organize the shipment with us. By following these steps and working with a reliable auto transport company, you can safely ship your car from New York to California (or vice versa!) with calm peace of mind.
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Open or Enclosed Shipment

The decision between open or closed transport depends on your preferences, budget, and the level of protection you want for your vehicle.
Open Transport Shipment Details
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Common and Affordable

Open transport is the standard method used for car shipping. It involves loading your vehicle onto an open trailer along with other cars, exposed to the elements during transit.
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g transit. Cost-Effective: Since multiple cars can be transported at once, open carriers can accommodate more vehicles, making it a cost-effective option.
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Suitable for Regular Cars

Open transport is suitable for most standard cars that are driven daily and don't require extra protection.

Enclosed Transport Shipment Details
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Extra Protection

Enclosed transport involves loading your car into a fully enclosed trailer, shielding it from weather elements, road debris, and potential damage.
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Ideal for Special Cars

If you have a luxury, vintage, classic, or high-value vehicle, enclosed transport is recommended as it offers superior protection during transit.
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Higher Cost

Due to limited vehicle capacity and the extra protection provided, enclosed transport is more expensive compared to open transport.
Ultimately, the choice between open and enclosed transport depends on your car's value and your comfort level with the level of protection. If your car is a standard daily driver and you want to save on shipping costs, open transport is a practical choice. On the other hand, if you own a special or valuable vehicle and want to ensure maximum protection during the long journey, enclosed transport is worth the investment. Either way, you will receive white glove treatment, with your vehicle getting door-to-door delivery. 

What Are the Shipment Costs?

The cost to ship a car from New York to California can be influenced by several key factors, including:
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The distance between the origin and destination plays a significant role in determining the shipping cost. Longer distances generally result in higher costs.
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Vehicle Type and Size

The type and size of your vehicle can impact the cost. Larger or heavier vehicles may incur higher shipping fees.
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Transport Type

Your choice of transport method—open, enclosed, or top-loaded—will also affect the cost. Enclosed transport, providing extra protection, is usually more expensive than open transport.
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Pickup and Delivery Accessibility

The ease of accessing your pickup and delivery locations can influence the cost. Remote or hard-to-reach areas may lead to higher charges.
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Depending on the time of year and your specific route, seasonal fluctuations can impact pricing.
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Fuel Prices

Current fuel prices will also be factored into the overall cost of shipping your car.
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Speed of Delivery

If you opt for expedited shipping for faster delivery, expect a higher cost compared to standard delivery.
We don't offer a single cost to everyone—our quotes are personalized for the variable needs of every shipment. To get your quote that is made just for you hit the link here. 


How Long Does It Take To Ship From NYC To California?

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Can I Ship A Modified Or Oversized Vehicle?

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Can I Track The Progress Of My New York To California Transport Online?

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