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Heavy Equipment Shipping with Removable Gooseneck Transport

Cut costs without cutting corners. RGN shipping with ShipLux gives you a ramp-up on the competition!

What is an RGN Trailer?

An RGN (Removable Gooseneck) trailer is a specialized heavy-haul trailer. RGN steps in to transport oversized cargo, including cargo that would otherwise be too tall to be road-worthy. 

RGN trailers get their name from their unique detachable front part, the gooseneck. The removable gooseneck design allows the front of the trailer to be detached, creating a ramp. This functionality makes RGN trailers especially suited for transporting heavy equipment such as construction machinery, large vehicles, and other oversized loads. Plus, wheeled vehicles, or those on tracks, can be driven directly onto the deck. A greater cargo capacity and reduced need for additional equipment and crew during loading and unloading per shipment cuts time and labor. 

The drop deck design provides ample height clearance for cargo up to 11 '8", enabling the shipment of taller loads often without the need for extra permits. While standard RGN trailers can bear loads up to 29 ft and a weight limit of 42,000, they are adaptable with options for additional axles and extendable decks. In its extended configuration, the drop deck area of an RGN can stretch up to 61ft, resulting in a total trailer length of 74 ft and a weight capability of 150,000. 

Specialized mining equipment, construction vehicles and equipment, and agricultural and farm machinery are often not rated for the road but can be driven directly onto the deck of an RGN trailer. Wheeled vehicles, like excavators and tractors, and vehicles with tracks, like mining shovels and bulldozers, can be loaded easily and efficiently, making RGN trailers the first choice for many industries.

What Does RGN Ship?

RGN trailer transport equipment can often ship:
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Construction Machinery:

his includes bulldozers, excavators, loaders, backhoes, pavers, graders, and other heavy machinery commonly found on construction sites.
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Farm Equipment:

Large tractors, combines, harvesters, plows, and other oversized agricultural machinery.
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Military Equipment:

Tanks, armored personnel carriers, large trucks, and other specialized military vehicles.
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Forestry Equipment:

Such as feller bunchers, skidders, and processors.
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Mining Equipment:

This includes dump trucks, large drills, draglines, and other heavy machinery used in mining operations.
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Industrial Machinery:

Heavy manufacturing equipment, turbines, or other large pieces of machinery.
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Oversized Vehicles:

Buses, specialized off-road vehicles, and other large vehicles that don't fit on standard trailers.
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Modular and Prefabricated Buildings:

Sections of buildings or homes that are transported to a site for assembly.
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Specialty Cargo:

Items like large sculptures, oversized components for various projects, or anything else that is large, heavy, or uniquely shaped.
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Wind Energy Components

The advantage of RGN trailers is their versatility in accommodating a wide range of sizes and weights, making them a preferred choice for transporting anything heavy, tall, or just oversized!

Types of RGN Trucking Companies

RGN trucking services can largely be categorized into two primary domains: those catering to construction needs and those dedicated to military functions. However, a select number of companies straddle both areas.

Construction-focused RGN Transport Services

The majority of RGN trucking companies fall under this bracket. Their primary responsibility is to ferry construction machinery and materials required for various building projects. Generally, these companies operate on a smaller scale with a more limited fleet in comparison to their military counterparts.

Military-centric RGN Transport Services

These specialized trucking services undertake the challenging task of transporting hefty military equipment and large vehicles. Given the magnitude and weight of their typical consignments, these companies are often larger in scale and possess a broader fleet than those dedicated solely to construction transport.

Hybrid RGN Transport Services

A handful of companies offer RGN services that cater to both the construction and military sectors. To efficiently serve the distinct requirements of both fields, these companies maintain a more expansive fleet. Their versatility is a testament to their capability to address the varied demands of different industries.

Choosing ShipLux for your RGN transport needs ensures continuous access to logistics professionals who understand your requirements and can efficiently execute them. Our team is here to streamline every aspect, from pickup to delivery. We are specialists in heavy equipment shipping; let us guide you through every step. Rely on ShipLux for expert planning, permit acquisition, and more.

Why Use RGN Shipping Services?

RGN shipping is needed for various industries! Here are some of the reasons:

Transportation of Construction Equipment and Materials

  • Ease of Loading/Unloading: The detachable front provides a ramp, making it convenient for large construction equipment, like bulldozers or excavators, to be driven on and off the trailer.

  • Versatility: The adaptable design allows for the transportation of various sizes and types of construction materials and machinery.

  • Safety: With their low center of gravity and sturdy construction, RGN trailers ensure the safe transportation of heavy construction equipment.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Transporting multiple pieces of equipment or large quantities of materials in one go can lead to savings in both time and money.

Transportation of Military Vehicles and Equipment

  • Specialized Transportation: Military vehicles, such as tanks or armored carriers, require specialized trailers like RGNs due to their weight and size.

  • Security: The design and robustness of RGN trailers ensure that sensitive and expensive military equipment is transported securely.

  • Adaptability: For varying sizes and weights of military equipment, RGNs can be configured accordingly to ensure safe and efficient transport.

Storage of Construction Equipment and Materials

  • Protection: When not in transit, the design of RGN trailers allows for the secure storage of equipment, safeguarding it from potential environmental threats.

  • Space Efficiency: Due to their design, RGN trailers can efficiently store large pieces of equipment, maximizing the use of available space.

Disposal of Construction Equipment and Materials

  • Facilitated Transport to Disposal Sites: Whether transporting to recycling centers or disposal facilities, RGN trailers make the process streamlined.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Proper transportation ensures that construction waste is handled responsibly, reducing potential harm to the environment.

  • Cost-Effective Disposal: Transporting large quantities or large-sized disposables at once can be more cost-effective than making multiple trips.


How much weight can an RGN trailer carry?

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