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Construction Equipment Shipping

We always deliver on our promise so you can deliver on yours.

Construction Equipment Shipping

We always deliver on our promise so you can deliver on yours.

Tools in transit, projects in progress! ShipLux is your total construction equipment shipping solution.

In construction, every second counts, and every penny matters. Ensuring your equipment is right where it needs to be when it needs to be there, is pivotal for quality work delivered promptly and within budget. ShipLux doesn't just move your machinery, we champion your project's timeline and financial goals. 

ShipLux isn't just another shipping service; it's your tailored solution for moving construction equipment. With us, you can expect a seamless experience where logistics expertise meets commitment. From local to global shipments, our devoted team curates the ideal mix of rig, trailer, and journey, all backed by skilled, licensed, and fully insured drivers. Opt for doorstep delivery or from one port to another — with ShipLux at the helm, your peace of mind is our priority. We've got it covered.

Methods of Transporting Heavy Construction Equipment

Transporting heavy construction equipment requires specialized methods to ensure the safety, efficiency, and protection of the machinery. 
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Flatbed Trailers

Suitable for a variety of equipment, flatbed trailers provide an open platform that can handle heavy loads. They're often used for equipment that doesn't exceed standard height and width restrictions.
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Lowboy Trailers

Recognized by their unique design that dips in the middle, lowboy trailers are ideal for transporting taller equipment, as they sit lower to the ground and provide extra height allowance.
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Drop Deck Trailers

A type of trailer with two deck levels, allowing it to carry equipment of different heights simultaneously.
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Step Deck Trailers

These are similar to flatbed trailers but have a tiered design, allowing for the transportation of taller equipment without the need for oversized travel permits
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RGN (Removable Gooseneck) Trailers

These trailers are perfect for extremely heavy machinery, as the front can be detached, allowing equipment to be manually driven onto the trailer.
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Tilt Trailers

Equipped with a tilting deck, these trailers facilitate easy loading and unloading of equipment, especially those without wheels.
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Extendable Trailers

Designed for those extra-long pieces of construction equipment, these trailers can extend as needed to accommodate the length of the machinery.
…and more! 

Selecting the appropriate method depends on the size, weight, and configuration of the construction equipment, as well as the distance and destination of the shipment. Properly vetting and coordinating with transportation specialists ensures the machinery reaches its destination in top condition.
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How To Transport Construction Equipment Safely: ShipLux's Best Practices

At ShipLux, we understand that transporting construction equipment isn't just about delivery—it's about ensuring the machinery arrives in pristine condition and guaranteeing the safety of all involved. Our years of expertise have crafted the ideal protocol that guarantees optimal service:
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Pre-transport Assessment

Our team inspects each piece of equipment before transportation, identifying any areas that might need attention to guarantee smooth transit.
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Selecting the Ideal Transport Mode

We match equipment size and weight with the optimal transport vehicle from our extensive fleet. Whether it’s flatbeds, lowboys, or drop deck trailers, we have the right match.
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Equipment Security

Our trained professionals utilize top-tier chains, ratchets, and tie-downs to ensure that machinery remains stationary throughout its journey.
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Compliance with Load Limits

ShipLux is committed to safety. We never overload, ensuring the transport stays within the vehicle's specific weight limits.
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Route Optimization

Our logistics experts meticulously plan routes to avoid any potential challenges, such as low bridges or narrow lanes, ensuring smooth and timely delivery.
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Prioritizing Trained Handling

Our team is skilled in the art of equipment transportation. From loading to unloading, trained hands manage every step.
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Scheduled Check-ins on Extended Trips

For longer journeys, our drivers take regular breaks to inspect equipment and ensure everything remains secure.
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Navigating Permits

We handle all the paperwork. Depending on equipment size and transit routes, we secure all necessary permits, ensuring a hassle-free move. Seamless Offloading Process: Upon arrival, our ground team ensures the destination is prepped for efficient unloading. If cranes or additional machinery are required, rest assured, we've got it managed by experts.
With ShipLux, it's not just about shipping—it's about providing peace of mind with every piece of equipment you entrust to us. Safety and service excellence remain our top priorities! 

How Much Does Heavy Equipment Transport Cost?

We don't have a set price of how much heavy equipment transport costs. The reason is because there are alot of factors that go into it. 

  1. Equipment Size and Weight: Larger, heavier equipment typically costs more to transport. For instance, transporting a bulldozer will likely be more expensive than moving a mini excavator.

  2. Distance: The further you need to move the equipment, the more it will cost. Transporting equipment across the country will be more expensive than moving it within the same state.

  3. Route Complexity: Some routes might have tolls, low bridges, or other obstructions that can increase costs. Remote or difficult-to-access areas can also raise prices.

  4. Loading and Unloading: Some equipment might require special machinery or techniques for loading and unloading, adding to the total cost.

  5. Transport Method: The type of transport vehicle used, whether it's a flatbed, lowboy, or another type of specialized trailer, can influence the price.

  6. Seasonality: Just like many industries, heavy equipment transport can have peak seasons where prices might be higher.

  7. Insurance: Depending on the value of the equipment and the coverage level you choose, insurance costs can vary.

  8. Permits: For especially large or heavy equipment, special permits may be needed, especially if it exceeds the standard legal size and weight limits for roads.

  9. Fuel Costs: The price of diesel can vary and will impact the total cost of transportation.

  10. Time Frame: If you need expedited shipping, it's likely to come at a premium.

To get a personalized price, fill out a quote directly with us and include specifics about your equipment, pick-up location, destination, and any other pertinent details. We will be able to provide a quote tailored to your situation. Our honest, transparent pricing means the price you are quoted is the price you will pay, PERIOD. 

Preparing Construction Equipment For Shipping

Preparing construction equipment for shipping is a critical step in ensuring its safety and preventing any damage during transit. It begins with a thorough inspection to identify and secure any loose components. 

All fluids should be checked and topped up, and potential leak points addressed. Personal items and non-essential attachments should be removed. Finally, for added protection, it's wise to document the equipment's current condition with photos, which can be beneficial in the rare event of a dispute or claim. Proper preparation not only safeguards the machinery but also facilitates a smooth shipping experience.


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