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Driveaway Service

ShipLux’s driveaway auto service comes with transparent pricing & premium service. Get your vehicle from Point A to Point B safely. Request a driveaway service quote now!

Driveaway Service

Time is money. Information is power. With ShipLux’s drive-away service, you get both.

Drive away autos service provides you with one of our professional drivers who will be 100% dedicated to getting your vehicle to where it needs to go. We offer driveaway services for commercial vehicles and motorhomes.

Our professional drivers grab the keys and take your place in the driver’s seat, completely freeing your scheduling and allowing you a comfortable plane trip to the final destination instead. Drive away service whisks your heavy equipment directly from the pickup location to the delivery point without additional stops. This means, your vehicle will get to where you need it, when you need it—fast! As our driver’s priority is your vehicle, this erases any delays associated with traditional shipping methods. Driveaway auto service with ShipLux means that there are no extra stops, detours, or hassles.

ShipLux transports any vehicle anywhere in the world.  If your vehicle is oversized, overweight, or even just unusual, driveaway service might be the solution. This means whether you need a single food truck moved across town, or a fleet of utility trucks transported from coast to coast, ShipLux has what you need, with the hassle-free guarantee you want. 

What Exactly Is a Driveaway Driver?

A driveaway driver is a professional that will drive your vehicle from one location to another!  Theres alot of reasons to use this service, including if someone wants their vehicle moved, but doesn't want to drive it themselves or if they are unable to do so. 

When you work with ShipLux, your adventure with us starts with a quote. We provide a date, then, the driveaway driver collects the vehicle and any necessary keys and documents. The driver then takes responsibility for safely driving the vehicle to its destination! This can be any destination: both short and long-distance trips, and even internationally. 

Who Does ShipLux Offer Driveaway Service For?

When it comes to drive away services for commercial vehicles, the vehicles typically transported include:
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Driveaway services for delivery trucks, box trucks, flatbed trucks, and utility trucks.
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Driveaway services can transport different types of buses, including school buses, transit buses, coach buses, and recreational vehicles (RVs).
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Driveaway services can handle the transportation of commercial vans, such as cargo vans, passenger vans, and minivans used for commercial purposes.
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Specialty vehicles

Driveaway services may also transport specialized commercial vehicles, such as food trucks, mobile command centers, armored vehicles, or other unique vehicles used for commercial operations.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Driveaway Service?

Pros of Driveaway Auto Service:

  1. Convenience:
    Driveaway service is super convenient for individuals who are unable or prefer not to drive their own vehicles. It saves a ton of time and effort. 

  2. Cost saving:
    Hiring a drive away service is nice and cost-effective compared to other transportation options, especially for long-distance trips. It eliminates the need for additional expenses such as fuel, accommodation, and potential wear and tear on the vehicle.

  3. Flexible scheduling:
    The vehicle delivery timing can be arranged to suit the needs and preferences of the owner, allowing for more control over when and where the vehicle will be transported.

  4. Vehicle monitoring:
    During the trip, owners can feel calm, knowing that their vehicle is being taken care of by a responsible driver. We keep everyone informed about the progress of the journey and the vehicle's condition.

Cons of Driveaway Service:

  1. Increased mileage and wear:
    The vehicle being driven by a driveaway service will accumulate mileage and experience wear and tear during the journey. 

  2. Uncontrollable delays:
    Depending on factors like traffic, weather conditions, and unforeseen circumstances, delays in delivery can occur. 


Driveaway vs Shipping



Vehicle is driven to the destinationVehicle is transported via carrier (e.g., truck)
Convenient for individuals who don't want to drive or can't drive their vehicles themselvesConvenient for individuals who prefer not to drive their vehicles or need long-distance transport
Potentially cost-effective for long-distance trips, eliminates fuel and accommodation expensesCost can vary based on distance, vehicle size, and shipping method
May accumulate mileage and wear during the journeyLimited mileage and wear, especially for enclosed shipping
May not include additional services such as personal item transportationCan include additional services like personal item transportation, enclosed shipping, or specialized handling
Flexible scheduling based on owner's preferencesMay have specific pickup and delivery windows
Owners can stay informed about the progress and condition of the vehicle during the driveLimited real-time monitoring, updates may be provided at specific intervals
Depends on the professionalism and experience of the driveaway driverRelies on the reputation and reliability of the shipping company
Typically suitable for transporting individual vehiclesCan accommodate multiple vehicles simultaneously
Vehicle protection depends on the driver's responsibility and driving skillsProtects against weather, road debris, and potential damage through enclosed transport or carrier insurance

What Is The Cost Of Drive Away Auto Service?

ShipLux offers honest, transparent pricing, so the price quoted is the only price you will pay. 

The good news? Driveaway service can save you time and money! The driveaway service cost is less than you might expect. Total win-win. 

We do not provide a one size fits all cost, because everything we do is personalized for each customer’s requirements. Start with doing a quote, so we can generate a one-of-a-kind quote for you. 


What Is A Driveaway Service?

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What Is The Estimated Duration For Transporting My Vehicle?

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