ShipLux was founded in April 2018 with our first deal coming through on June 1st, 2018. Since then, we have proved to be a reliable car and motorcycle auto transport carrier linker for our clients. Our headquarters are based in Miami, Florida. We offer shipping services catering to luxury, classic, antique, and other requested car categories and motorcycles. As a licensed and insured firm, we serve both US-based and international clients.  

ShipLux White Glove Shipping Services 

Customers who engage us have multiple choices when it comes to our shipping services. Besides, we do not offer Premium Service as an extra, but as part of who we are. It sets us apart from other auto shipping brokers. The following White Glove shipping services are available for order at our company. 

  1. Open shipping: this shipping option involves ferrying your car using a trailer open on all sides, including the top part. This type of transportation, however, exposes the car to the elements. The method is economical and ideal for shorter geographic distances. 
  1. Enclosed shipping: this transportation means is more private because the trailer that ferries your car is covered. It makes the method more expensive yet gives you peace of mind knowing your car is protected from damaging fragments and destructive weather. 
  1. Global shipping: ShipLux always finds a way to ship your car across borders; just name the location. Tell us where and when; we will take it from there. 
  1. Exotic, antique, and classic car shipping: handling vintage and luxurious cars calls for extra safety, which ShipLux understands too well. Trust us to ship your rare type of vehicle to your preferred destination, but at an additional fee.  
  1. Other shipping services: our shipping services are not limited to cars only, but other machines like tractors, boats, motorcycles, commercial buses, recreational vehicles, and golf carts

ShipLux Motor Shipping Process 

How do you ship with us? First, it is critical to understand that we do not operate as a carrier company. That makes us a broker, albeit with a massive network of insured and licensed auto transport companies as our partners. This is what to expect with our auto shipping process. 

  • Request a shipping quote: we have a quote tool that helps our potential customers to know the pricing range of the services they need from us. To get the quote, fill in some details such as shipping duration, the car type, as well as pickup and drop-off points.  
  • Shipment arrangement; we will request you to make a booking deposit. Our payment methods include but are not limited to certified checks, cashiers' checks, and cash. At times, we may accept payment on delivery, whereby the client pays the rest of the balance after the vehicle delivery. We also receive credit and debit cards. 
  • Customer support; after shipment payment processing, you receive shipment alerts and notifications via your preferred communication method. This can be through texts, calls, emails, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. On standby are our logistics specialists, ready to answer your shipping-related questions. 

ShipLux Experience  

How does it feel like choosing ShipLux for auto transport services? These are the experiences to expect.  

  • Premium service and handling: we deal with each vehicle shipment uniquely to ensure safety standards are met for timely and exceptional delivery. 
  • 24/365 communication: you can get updates on your shipment at any time of day or night. More importantly, ShipLux allows you to communicate with the driver responsible for your transportation.  
  • Global door-to-door: with ShipLux at your service, car shipment is possible from any part of the world. 
  • Price honesty: anticipate no surprise hidden or additional charges apart from the all-inclusive price initially quoted at the start of the shipment process. 

ShipLux at Your Service 

Vehicle shipment doesn't have to be complicated. All your car shipment needs are sorted with ShipLux in the picture. Contact us today for a shipping quote and more information regarding our services.