Are you facing a sudden move that requires everything to happen almost immediately? Planning any move can be stressful, but if you have to do it right away it can seem overwhelming. How do you get all of your belongings - including your car - on the way in a timely manner, so that you can start in your new location as soon as possible?

It is possible, with a trustworthy auto shipping company like ShipLux!

How Fast Is Fast Car Shipping?
When it comes to fast shipping, what we’re really talking about is the speed of delivery, including pickup and delivery.

With regular car shipping, the average window for pickup is 3-5 days, with 7-14 days advance notice. If you are in a rush, though, that can indeed be problematic. Obviously, that wouldn’t work if you need to get on the road.

Same-day car shipping can give you a guaranteed pick-up time, with a smaller window (24-48 hours). With door-to-door pickup, your car can be on its way before you have even finished packing up.

However, it's important to remember that nobody can defy the laws of physics or speed.

Transport drivers must follow the rules established by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Commercial drivers have an 11-hour driving limit per day (with breaks) so they are only able to drive between 500 and 650 miles. If your new location is within that distance, it is possible for you to receive delivery within 24 hours of pickup, but longer distances will add more time. 

How Does Same-Day Car Shipping Work?
When you reach out to a car shipping company for a price quote, they’re going to ask for specific information from you about the vehicle you want to ship, including:

  • Size and make of your vehicle 
  • Distance
  • Pickup and drop off locations
  • Open vs. Enclosed shipping
  • Any special considerations needed

All of these affect the cost of shipping a vehicle, even for standard shipping. Here’s an explanation of each one, and how it would play out if you require same-day shipping.

Size and Make of Your Vehicle
The bigger the vehicle, the more costly to ship. Unique or antique vehicles often require special equipment (including enclosed shipping) and White Gloved Treatment. These costs apply whether you do same day, expedited, or standard shipping.

The distance will be calculated from your chosen Point A to B by the shipping company based on their ideal shipping routes. As we’ve already pointed out, the distance can affect when your car will actually be delivered. Longer distances actually cost a little less per mile, but will take more time for delivery.

Location of PickUp and Delivery
This will have the most influence on your ability to get same-day pick up. Once you have found a shipping company, they will find a transport driver who has room to carry your vehicle. This could be much easier if you’re moving to or from an area near a big city, rather than a remote, rural area.

Open vs. Enclosed Shipping
The less expensive shipping option is to use an open carrier. For this reason, many companies that provide expedited or same-day shipping will probably find an open carrier for your vehicle, as they can fit more cars and will probably have more availability. However, choosing enclosed shipping has its benefits: the White Glove treatment, fewer cars in one load, and protection from road debris, weather, and potential theft. If you’re in a hurry and want to get your car transported in the safest, quickest manner, enclosed shipping may be worth the additional cost. 

Ship Same-Day With ShipLux
It all starts with a phone call or filling out a contact form on a website. Do a quick search for companies that offer same-day car shipping, ask for a price quote, and talk to them about any questions and concerns.  Talk with them about your timeline and your specific needs and get a feel for their level of customer service.

The best companies will ask the right questions to make sure your experience is exactly what you need, and not a penny more than you’re expecting to pay. That’s why ShipLux’s customer support team is available 24/7, on any medium, and is committed to price transparency with a guaranteed price quote. Contact ShipLux today!