You’ve found the perfect golf cart for your needs - whether that’s playing the best golf game of your life, using it to zip around your large property with ease, or simply having an eco-friendly option for getting around the neighborhood.

The first challenge, of course, is getting your golf cart shipped to you safely and ready to ride.

As we always say, the first step in hiring a golf cart shipping company begins with research, because not all companies have the skills and knowledge required. You may be tempted to jump on the lowest price option, but that price can often be deceiving, especially if one of the things that brings it down so low is open shipping.

Before you make the decision, here’s a brief glimpse comparing open and enclosed shipping. We’ll go into more detail below.

How do you want to ship your golf cart?

The Pros and Cons of Open Shipping

You’ve probably seen open shipping with cars—those giant carriers with between 7 to 12 vehicles on multiple levels. Some golf cart transport companies will use a similar method, securely stacking multiple golf carts on top of each other. If you’re moving more than just one golf cart, are concerned about cost, or are only transporting a short distance, this method is a reliable, affordable option.

Open shipping also has the advantage of being easy to schedule, with a wide variety of pickup and dropoff options. The right golf cart transport company will provide Premium service from start to finish so all you might need to do when you receive your cart on the other side is give it a wash.

However, as the name implies, open transport is open to the elements. Sometimes it can take three weeks to transport golf carts across the country—and during that time the carts are exposed to all kinds of weather.. In addition, transporting golf carts on an open transport leaves them susceptible to the dings of flying stones—those annoying unexpected missiles that sometimes pepper your car as you’re driving.

Finally, although less likely, open transport could cause more damage to the carts in the case of an accident during the transport process.

Enclosed Shipping—the Protected Option

We won’t lie, enclosed shipping of golf carts costs a little more. This is because, among other things, enclosed carriers can often carry fewer vehicles, thus raising the price per vehicle. However, if you’re shipping your golf cart longer distances, or are truly concerned that the vehicle must arrive in the same condition it was in when you sent it, enclosed shipping is the safest option.

Fully enclosed transport trucks protect all types of vehicles from weather and road debris damage. Golf carts are strapped in so they don’t shift around, and are protected on all sides. The walls protect them even more in the unlikely case of an accident.

By choosing a company like ShipLux, whose style it is to provide White Glove service on all enclosed shipping—from cars to motorcycles to golf carts—you can feel confident that your golf cart will arrive in pristine condition, and on schedule.

Still Unsure? Ask Questions & Be Prepared

If your main concern is price, the best thing to do is contact several golf cart shipping carriers and compare quotes. Remember that, just because a company ships cars doesn’t mean they have the equipment or know-how to ship golf carts. Check to make sure that their reputation for shipping unusual vehicles, including golf carts, is known and impeccable.

You want to work with a company that knows what they’re doing, knows how to protect the vehicles they ship, and provides excellent service on all levels.

Reliable transport companies are required to hold insurance in case of accidents, so most damage should be covered. Ask about their coverage before you sign any agreement. Also, be sure to take a picture of your golf cart before it’s loaded on the truck, as any damage that is already there will not be covered.

For more tips about how to transport your golf cart, visit this post on Golf Cart Resource.

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