New York is famed for its magnificent highways, and no other mode of travel throws you in the mix like a motorcycle. The Northeast may be taxing for bikers at times, but Upstate New York provides a far more pleasant trip with less traffic and more hospitality. Historic communities are intertwined like a lovely American patchwork in this area. The beautiful countryside is vibrantly colored in the autumn and bursts with flowers and foliage in the summer and spring. You may fly over ancient woods and undulating hills, glide through languid rivers, zigzag along back roads, and scale towering summits. 

There are several ways to explore Upstate New York's roads and byways. If you like to go on excursions on two wheels, here are a few fun and unique routes to check out. 

The Catskill Preserve 

The Grand Journey, a 143.2-mile bike tour that takes you through the Catskill Mountains and vast open valleys, is one you can't afford to miss. Navigate the twists and turns of Route 23 West onto Route 29, then loop back onto Route 23 after starting in Catskill town. The Catskill preserve covers enough wonderful little villages and world-class scenery to warrant at least 5 hours. 

The Hudson River Bridge Tour 

Hudson River valley panorama in Autumn

The 70-mile Hudson River Bridge Tour takes you through New York State's magnificent woodlands, rivers, and bridges. This route, which takes you along the Hudson River Valley over its many lovely bridges, is especially attractive in the fall. The ride takes 2 hours at a brisk pace, but if you have the opportunity, add a few additional hours, so you can stop and take in the views (Harriman State Park being one of the most unmissable). 

State Route 3 

A wonderful ride down State Route 3 is memorable, offering around 170 miles of peace and quiet. Route 3 runs east to west, from Plattsburgh to Keeseville in Western New York, along the banks of Lake Ontario. This is one of New York's top mountain rides. The roads are usually smooth and well-kept, with just enough twists and turns to mix it up a bit. Expect magnificent vistas (add a trip to the summit of Whiteface Mountain in the summer!) as well as sparkling lakes and densely wooded forests along the route. 

Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway 

This route has well-maintained, twisting roads, breathtaking scenery, and plenty of history-rich tiny towns and stops, making it the ideal short drive for a day. The path traverses the Mohawk River, and the Erie Canal, through historic towns such as Schenectady, Cohoes, Rexford, and Waterford. The whole distance is around 30 miles. This section of the Mohawk Valley is one of the most beautiful and historically significant locations in Upstate New York. 


The Northern end of Lake George and the Tongue Mountain

The Adirondacks are home to some of Upstate New York's most secluded motorcycle roads. And one of the loveliest. The ideal spot to start is at Boonville, from where you may weave your way through the 125 miles to Lake Placid's Olympic Village. Along the way, you'll travel through ancient towns like Old Forge, Inlet, and Long Lake, as well as gorgeous lakes, heavily forested landscapes, and rising mountains. Whatever else you do, don't forget to stop at Long Lake's famed Hoss's Country Store. 

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