When your business requires heavy equipment or heavy machinery to function, one line item you’ll have to remember to budget for is site-to-site equipment transport.

The best way to ship is to hire experienced heavy haul carriers; heavy equipment shipping specialists who arranges all the transportation logistics.

Why is this the best option? Transporting heavy equipment is dangerous and complex, usually requires special permitting, and always requires special equipment (as in trailer type, and possibly equipment to load and unload). There are strict Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations about transporting heavy equipment, including proper procedures of securing the load for safety.

Bring in experts to ensure that everything is done safely and correctly.

What is Considered Heavy Equipment?

When it comes to heavy haul shipping companies, the term “heavy equipment” can mean many different things. There are also many legal definitions, including this:

Heavy equipment means self-propelled, self-powered or pull-type equipment and machinery, including generators weighing 5,000 pounds or more, primarily employed for construction, industrial, and forestry uses (e.g., water tender, backhoe, mini-excavator, and SWECO tractor).

“Heavy haul” transport describes any shipment that exceeds the DOT guidelines for dimensions (width, height, or length) and weight. These shipments require special equipment and special permits before transport.

A heavy haul shipment also requires special attention to the transport logistics because there are more possible complications.

Here’s a breakdown to show what we mean:

Do I Need an Escort Vehicle?

An escort vehicle, or a pilot car, is a vehicle that drives in front of or behind trailers hauling oversize loads to ensure safe transport.

Wondering if you’ll save money by not bringing on escort vehicles? Don’t go there. These vehicles are an important element to the process of transporting heavy equipment, so find out for sure whether or not you’ll need one before deciding if you want one.

Over the last 10 years, more than 3,700 bridge hits were reported in the United States. This happens when a driver attempts to pass under a structure (like an overpass or a bridge) without having enough clearance, causing “potentially catastrophic” damage to the structure, cargo, and surrounding motorists. These accidents are significant and completely preventable, stressing the importance of escort vehicles.

Since escort vehicles can add to the cost, we wanted to clarify when these would be needed. When you are searching for the best transport company, at the best price, talk with the transport specialists in order to understand all of the needs for your shipment. 

Times when escort vehicles are necessary include:

  • If the trailer bed is long, requiring escort front and back
  • To protect the cargo (from damage, thieves, and accidents)
  • To alert of any upcoming obstacles and dangers; warn other drivers
  • To assist the transport driver in navigating small spaces
  • To prevent accidents

How Much Does Heavy Haul Shipping Cost?

As you can tell, transporting heavy equipment is not an easy or cheap endeavor. As you compare and contrast companies, your instinct may be to select the one that gives you the lowest quote. But beware, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Costs for heavy haul shipping vary based on a variety of specifics, including:

  1. Weight
  2. Escort vehicle(s) used
  3. Fuel prices
  4. Permits
  5. Type of trailer & any special loading / unloading equipment required
  6. Transport distance
  7. Congestion at destination

A pie chart depicting the 7 major considerations used to factor heavy equipment shipping costs.

Ship Your Heavy Equipment With ShipLux to Get The Transparent Solution

What do we mean by the transparent solution? We mean that, no matter what you are shipping, we offer price transparency. We provide you with you an accurate breakdown of costs, and no hidden fees as well as discuss any concerns you have.

We know that heavy haul transport is a complicated process. Yet, it’s our goal to carry that load of figuring out all the logistics, so you can focus on what you do best.

Give us the details of where your shipment needs to go, and we’ll handle the details. No matter the weight or the dimensions of your equipment, we have the trailer to ship it.

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