Moving? Heading south for the winter? Buying or selling a golf cart out of state and need to ship it? Whatever the reason, you want to know the best way to transport your golf cart (a lot) farther than you would drive it - and we’re betting you’re also curious how much you’ll have to pay for it.

Here’s some information on golf cart shipping and the factors involved in how much golf cart shipping costs so you know just what to expect.

How To Ship A Golf Cart

To make things as simple as possible, we’ve broken down the golf cart shipping process into a few simple steps. If you’re about to skim through looking for numbers to get an idea of how much golf cart shipping will cost, here’s the short answer: it depends entirely on your specific shipping scenario.

Read on to find out more!

Golf Cart

Step 1. Choose a Vehicle Transportation Company

As with any car shipment, the secret to a seamless, stress-free golf cart shipping experience is to choose the right vehicle transportation company. They’re the people you’ll be entrusting with your property, so you want to make sure to go with a company who you feel the most comfortable with - not the one who just quotes the lowest price.

At this point in the process, there is no obligation - you’re just doing your due diligence and researching - so take your time and read through as many web sites as you can! The company you’re looking for, at the minimum, will offer the following:

-Golf cart shipping. We’re not being cheeky! Not all transport companies offer this service.
-A wide range of shipping options. No two shipments are alike, so you want a
company who will not only be able to suit your needs upon request, but who will actively tailor their services to your unique shipping scenario and preferences.
-Premium handling with every shipment. To ensure your golf cart arrives in the same condition it left in, look for a company who prides themselves on high attention to detail.
-On-demand communication and updates throughout the shipping process. You
don’t want a company who will make you pay extra for peace of mind. Look for those who include an open line of communication so you know exactly where your golf cart is, exactly when you want to know.

Step 2. Determine Your Golf Cart Shipping Scenario (Price Factors)

As promised, here’s the low-down on golf cart shipping prices! The reason you may not see average pricing figures listed on a vehicle transportation company’s web site is that every shipping scenario is unique, and priced accordingly. This is why many companies provide a form for requesting a quote - it’s the only way to get an accurate figure. Otherwise, you’ll be getting the price of the cheapest golf cart shipping scenario available, which will most likely result in a surprise and hefty upcharge at the end of the transaction.

Save yourself the headache and make requesting price quotes part of your process. In order to get an accurate price quote, you’ll first need to know your shipping scenario - which is an overview of the details of your golf cart shipment - as there are multiple factors involved that affect the final price.

Your basic shipping scenario includes:
From pick-up to delivery, how far will your golf cart travel?
-Speed. Are your dates flexible, or do you need expedited shipping?
-Sharing vs solo ship. Can your golf cart share a trailer with others (which may affect ship dates) or do you prefer it to be on its own (meaning more control over travel dates, and more personal attention available)?
-Open vs enclosed trailer. Can your golf cart stand up to being exposed to the elements en route, or do you prefer to keep it totally protected? (With a transportation company like ShipLux, who provides meticulous attention to detail for every vehicle shipped, “open vs enclosed shipping” equates to “Premium Handling vs White Glove Treatment.”)

Step 3. Request A Price Quote

Now that you have your golf cart shipping scenario laid out, it’s time to start requesting price quotes. (You’ll notice that it’s a lot easier to request a quote when you understand your scenario!)

There’s no commitment when requesting a quote, so feel free to shop around until you find the vehicle shipping company who provides the best service. Here’s a tip: the way the staff treats you during this part of the process will speak volumes about how they’ll treat you while they’re transporting your golf cart.

Step 4. Ship Your Golf Cart!

When you’ve done your homework and selected the right vehicle transportation company, this is the easiest step in the process. All that’s left is confirming your order - then you can sit back, relax, and let the vehicle transportation company you chose take care of everything, from pick-up to delivery and all the updates in between.

Ship Your Golf Cart With ShipLux

Now that you know what to expect from the golf cart shipping process, you can jump into the process with confidence, starting with finding the right vehicle transportation company.

At ShipLux, we’ve made a business out of making “above and beyond” our bare minimum. With our proprietary omni-channel communication system and a full-service, custom shipping experience, our goal is to take all the stress out of your vehicle transport - starting with your price quote.

Our commitment to transparent pricing means that we’ll ask all the right questions ahead of time, and will only quote you the price you’ll actually pay.
Request your golf cart shipping quote today!