Why Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping Is More Affordable Than You Think

You’ve finally found your dream motorcycle! You can’t wait to ride, feel the wind on your face, harness that power, and feel the freedom of speed as you travel around with fellow riders. You’ve scrimped and saved just waiting for the day that you would find your perfect ride.

But, wait! Your bike is across the country, and before you can take it on the road you have to bring it home. Or, you’re moving across the country, and need to get it to you for those glorious rides in a new location. The last thing you want to do is pay a hefty price to ship your motorcycle.

What if we were to tell you that there are reasonable options with experienced, licensed carriers like ShipLux that provide the highest amount of motorcycle protection from pick-up to drop-off with White Glove Treatment included?

It’s not a myth. Read on for details!

Of course, we understand that you might want to research your options before deciding to ship with us, so we are here to help you understand what those options might be, and what to look for as you make your decision. But first, here’s a little chart to help start the comparison:

motorcycle affordability chart

DIY (Drive it Yourself)
Your first thought might be, I’ll save money by driving it myself. I’ve got a truck, or I can borrow one. I can rent a U-Haul.

These are, indeed, viable options. And hey, road trips can be lots of fun. Still, before you make this choice there are a few things to consider that can make this choice stressful, and not as cost-saving as you think.

How far can you drive?  
One thing to think about is how much time you have, and how far you have to go to get your ride. Most experts agree that the maximum drive time for any given day should be 9 hours (excluding breaks), which means about 500 miles a day. That means that you may need to factor in some hotel stays for your trip, both there and back again.

The cost of equipment.
First of all, you need access to a pick-up truck, or a vehicle with a hitch that can attach a trailer. You will also need a ramp for loading and unloading the truck—one that can be secured to your truck so that it doesn’t slide off when loading. The ramp also needs to have space for a person to move beside the motorcycle. (If you’re curious about what happens when you fail to load properly, check out this selection of videos on YouTube.)

In addition to a ramp, you’ll need high quality straps with ratchet or cam buckles. These straps need to have a rating of at least 500lbs, and the buckles must hold at least 1000lbs. You must have a minimum of four of these straps to secure the motorcycle properly. These higher quality straps can be expensive, but are necessary to keep your motorcycle in position and safe.

Gas, food, and time.
Don’t forget, driving requires fuel, and fuel costs money. If the trip is long, you may need to eat along the way, because people need fuel, too. Finally, ask yourself if you can afford the time it will take to make the trip. Will you lose work hours? Will you be using vacation time? Will all the things you’re not doing be weighing on your mind while driving?
All of these questions factor into the cost of DIY.

Hire The Experts
It’s possible that you can find someone who will haul anything for a fee, and that might seem like the next best option. They may simply be using their own pick-up truck to haul your load, so you want to make sure that they also have the proper equipment that you’d need if you drove it yourself. Many of them will get the job done, and may even do it well. However, be sure that they are properly licensed and insured, and that you have the contact information for the driver as that may be the only way you can keep track of the trip.

Whatever you end up doing to get your motorcycle from A to B, start by communicating with a company experienced in shipping motorcycles, like ShipLux, and get a price quote. Of course, you should always check that these companies are fully licensed and compliant as well. 

The advantages to hiring a reputable motorcycle shipping company are numerous, including:

  • They have specialty trucks with lift gates or secure ramps for loading.
  • Their trucks have air ride suspension so that the motorcycle does not bounce in transit.
  • They have specialized equipment that is specially made for transporting motorcycles.
  • They know how to load a motorcycle, use at least four straps, and the hooks never touch the motorcycle. They use straps that won’t harm the finish. 
  • They provide White Glove Treatment to keep your ride in the same condition it was when it was picked up.
  • They provide price transparency, with no hidden fees or surprise surcharges.
  • They work with you to provide everything you need, and answer any of your concerns 24/7.

Choose Your Own Adventure With ShipLux

Ultimately, you need to make the choice that works best for you, considering time, money, and the safety of your motorcycle. After making the investment into the perfect ride, you want to choose the route that will get it to you safely and cost-effectively. Often that choice means going with the experts. Compare and contrast your options before you decide.

Seek advice from a company who loves motorcycles and knows how to ship them, like ShipLux. Reach out today to get a quote. Our enclosed motorcycle transportation is completely personalized, with White Glove Treatment included from start to finish. Whatever you need, we make it happen so that when you see your motorcycle next, your ride can truly begin.