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Are you and your vehicle ready to explore the glamor and excitement of Dubai!? This hub of excellence and extravagance is one of the best places to enjoy by car—as the modern metropolis was built with vehicles in mind! The roads are predictable, and new, with excellent signage and strong organization. With plenty to see and explore, you won’t get bored of seeing the city and surrounding area—made even better by it being your car! 

But how do you get your car there in the first place!? It can sound intimidating and daunting at first.  This mostly stems from some fear and confusion of the unknown. This is where ShipLux comes in! We are experts in all things shipping, and that includes the ins and outs of going international. We will take the guesswork out of the situation, offering you five-star premium service, always. You will wave your car away in the U.S. and see it in full, excellent condition at your final destination in Dubai. 

There are plenty of reasons to trust ShipLux with your shipping needs, let’s discover why!

ShipLux Offers A Wide Range Of Transportation Methods To Dubai 

As a well-connected and well-established company, ShipLux has many ports on both East and west coasts of the USA. Specifically:

  • Baltimore
  • Wilmington
  • New York
  • Jacksonville
  • Freeport
  • Port Everglades
  • Brunswick
  • Savannah

In Dubai, the main destination ports are Port Rashid, and Jebel Ali, both operated by the Dubai Ports Authority.

Of course, we suggest you opt for the hands-off approach, whereby ShipLux’s drivers collect your vehicle directly from your home and take it to Dubai. This is called the door-to-port method. We also offer port-to-port service, whereby the driver gets their car to the shipping port themselves and that is where the handoff takes place. We only really suggest driving your car to the port yourself if it is close to your home. Otherwise, driving it yourself can be less safe, and cause undue stress to your vehicle. 

To get your car off to Dubai with ShipLux, you can pick between the following shipping methods:

Roll-on roll-off (RoRo) shipping

With roll-on, and roll-off shipping your vehicle will be driven onto the ship, rather than be lifted in by a crane. RoRo is the cheapest and a safe way to transport vehicles to Dubai. With the RoRo option, this shipping is not limited to cars as we can ship your car, an industrial vehicle, a boat, or heavy machinery! 

Closed container shipping

A closed container is a more premium option when shipping your car to Dubai. With this option, your car will be placed gently into a fully closed container which is then safely and professionally loaded into the container.  Luckily, whatever you want to ship we got you! ShipLux has both 20 and 40-foot containers so can fit a wide range of vehicles. 

Air-freight shipping 

If you are on a tight time frame, but not a tight financial budget, air-freight shipping is the best option. This option takes your car via an airplane for the U.S. to Dubai quickly and is extremely safe. 

Wondering how long you have to wait to get your precious vehicle on the other side? Well, shipping times do vary but are typically anywhere between 10 to 30 days. This can change depending on what port your vehicle is departing from in the United States.  Again, if you need your car ASAP, your best bet is opting for air freight. 

ShipLux Offers Incredible, Personalized Customer Service

personalized customer service


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When shipping your vehicle across the world, it takes trust. We get that! Unfortunately, there is a fair share of sketchy, scam shipping companies out there that take advantage of people wishing to bring their vehicles to new locations. 

We are proud to be in operation since 2018 and are a fully licenced LLC and bonded Broker Management Company registered with the USDOT with Broker MC #92282 and USDOT #3129383. 

Part of our raving reviews and consistency is our ability to offer top-notch customer service. 

We believe in options, so we can be reached 24/7 via many convenient outlets: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Text Messages, or Phone call. This allows us to be versatile and offer support and a friendly answer to your questions in the way you feel most comfortable. We are keen to offer consistent updates, and in the unlikely event of a delay or issue with your shipment to Dubai, you will be the first to hear! No more sketchy or frustrating communication.

Shiplux Will Treat Your Car Like Royalty  

Our entire team are car enthusiasts with deep-rooted knowledge of a wide variety of vehicles. This can help us help you with your delivery to Dubai. We know the right questions to ask to ensure that your car is treated like royalty and given the right precautions and tools to be loaded. In tandem with your vehicle’s operation manual, we can advise you on the best practice for your car to be safe and secure while in transit. 

Part of being in the ShipLux crew is the earnest dedication to continuing learning about trends and changes in the motor and vehicle world so we can always remain relevant and up to date.  

It’s not just cars we will treat like royalty but we proudly can ship a wide range of other items, such as boats, RVs, and motorcycles. Fun!

Throughout the entirety of the shipping process, our team is present and has eyes on the vehicle to ensure safety and secure delivery. With our trustworthy team present, the chance of any type of damage to vehicles or issues will be decreased. 

All carriers who transport the cars in the U.S. to the port are professionals who strictly follow industry standards and regulations as set out by The Department of Transportation. These rules ensure that commercial drivers only drive 500 miles each day, take sufficient breaks and rest. 

Challenge us with a question! We love to help and will always find the answer, even if it means doing a bit of extra digging. 

ShipLux’s Pricing Is Consistent, Transparent and Fair 

 fair pricing


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Similar to the above’s point about anti-scam, we also operate on a strict pricing model. Transparency is vital to us and our entire business model. 

One thing we can guarantee when you ship your vehicle to Dubai is there will not be any hidden fees! Our priority is to be honest with our clients about what we charge to ensure that the fees are relevant and fair. 

While there will be different price points based upon your car’s size, the season you are shipping, and other factors, on average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $3000 and $7000, plus any applicable taxes and fees to get your vehicle to Dubai. However, this will vary, so the best way to get your personalized quote is to fill out a quote that details your specifics. 

The quote will take you about five minutes and will help you hone in on the true cost based on the departure, pickup, and shipping method you select. For example, port-to-port shipping is cheaper than door-to-door delivery because of additional overland transportation costs. Yet, port-to-port has fees associated with getting your car to and from the ports. 

To get the car into the country, vehicle owners must pay an import duty and value-added tax (VAT). Please note,  Dubai does not offer duty exemptions for auto imports. 

ShipLux Can Advise You On Paperwork 

Here is the thing with paperwork: it is super, super important! Forget one piece and you can forget getting your car into a new country! While the onus falls on you, the client, to organize it sufficiently, we can offer advice and help you know which paperwork you need and don’t need. 

Some of the paperwork you require to leave the U.S. and enter Dubai includes: 

  • Your personal information, such as two copies of government-issued identification cards, like a passport or driver’s license
  • The vehicle information such as the year, make, model, and the vehicle’s estimated value
  • Owner information, such as the following:
    • Original copy of the vehicle title. 
    • If the vehicle has been bought recently, you will need to provide both the vehicle title and bill of sale.
    • If the vehicle has been financed, you will need to provide a notarized copy of the title and a notarized lien authorization.
  • Valid insurance coverage by an approved insurer in Dubai. 
  • An international “Carnet de Passages en Douanes” or CPD carnet. This is a fancy word for a vehicle passport and needs to be shown upon arrival to determine the amount of customs taxes and duties owed. 
  • Paperwork that states the driver is the owner or a letter confirming the driver is authorized to drive it under a duly certified special proxy issued by the country of registration of the motor vehicle.


We hope these above reasons help put your mind more at ease when it comes to shipping your car to Dubai. We are a tried and trusted shipping company that has done countless trips to Dubai, ensuring the process is stress-free and pressure-free. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started on your quote. 


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