Do you want to know what one of the coolest parts of our jobs is? We get to help whenever you want to construct anything big.

In order for you to build something like a house, or a building, or a bridge . . . or well, anything you need construction equipment, which has to be transported to the site. This is where it gets fun for us, because construction equipment often requires special handling, oversized permits, and specialized trailers. That’s what we are really good at here at ShipLux.

What’s more, is we love helping you do this. There are no limits for us. No matter the weight or shape of your equipment, we have a trailer to ship it, and the experience to help you with all your needs. This including, helping you understand what you need, which we will do now. .

What is Construction Equipment?

Construction equipment goes by a lot of different names, including: heavy machines, heavy trucks, engineering equipment, heavy vehicles, or heavy hydraulics.  Basically, construction equipment includes any heavy-duty vehicle designed for completing construction tasks. 

If you are fascinated by heavy construction equipment, check out this video that looks at some of the different construction equipment used by civic engineers

While construction equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, they have one thing in common, they do no good if they can’t reach the construction site. And, while construction companies may have some of their own equipment and/or trailers to move their equipment, sometimes they need the help of a heavy haul shipping company to move specialized equipment. 

That’s where companies experienced in heavy haul shipping, and particularly construction equipment shipping, play a huge role in any construction project.

What is Heavy Haul Shipping?

“Heavy haul” transport describes any shipment that exceeds the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines for dimensions and weight. Even if the piece of construction equipment isn’t massive, it will be considered heavy haul with any of these conditions:

container shipping rates

Given the fact that a standard excavator—the type used in most construction jobs—can range between 7 and 45 tons, it is important to think about how you will ship your construction equipment. The best option may be to hire a construction equipment shipping company that understands rules, regulations, and safety requirements needed for transporting any heavy equipment.  Rather than figure these things out yourself, do a little research into construction equipment shipping companies. Talk with them about how they handle the variety of considerations that come with shipping larger, heavier loads including: permits, support vehicles, and any route concerns like low bridges or train tracks.

Focus on the Build: Leave the Hauling to ShipLux

When you have a big construction project going, the last thing you want to worry about is how the equipment gets to you. 

That’s why hiring a shipping company with expertise in heavy equipment transport benefits you. 

Our logistics specialists will figure out everything, from any special transport equipment needs, to permitting (which varies by state) and other logistics. All you have to do is tell us where your construction equipment needs to go. 

When you reach out for a price quote, we will provide you with you an accurate breakdown of costs, and no hidden fees as well as discuss any concerns you have. 

We know that heavy haul transport is a complicated process. Yet, it is our goal to carry that load and figure out all of the logistics. No matter the weight or the dimensions of your equipment, we have the trailer to ship it.Contact ShipLux today for all your construction equipment shipping needs!